Pulaski Day Pro / Con


WBEZ notes School
Districts Waive Pulaski Day Off
and that the process for opting out has gotten easier.  What do you think about the fact that Chicago still has the day off? 

Me, I think it's pretty ridiculous, sort of small time and weirdly regional/ethnic.  Celebrate Pulaski Day in school, or on the weekend, or some other time.  Ditto for Columbus Day, by the way.  But it's hard to take the issue very seriously considering all the other bigger and more important things going on.  How about a ban on Pulaski Day to go along with the handgun ban?

That's me working on the computer, by the way.  In case you didn't know. 

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  • Well with all the stress going on here with a principal leaving in February and a fired AP under the interim principal, I welcomed the chance to eat kielbasa. Even though in general I agree - scrap most of em' for ending a week early in June. Ditto for 1/2 those PD days.

  • First, I love a paid day off.

    But when I get beyond that, I don't see a reason for any of the holidays that recognize an individual. Personally, I would get rid of the holidays for Columbus, King, and Lincoln, as well as Pulaski.

    The oddest part about it--and I'm at a school with a large Polish population--the Polish kids don't really care about Pulaski. They have other holidays they consider much more important.

    As for 1096, Chicago--like the vast majority of school districts in this state--schedules the minimum number of student attendance days as required by the state. If we got rid of these holidays, the school year would simply be reduced a commensurate number of days.


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