Psst. Hey, You. Wanna Run A Chicago Public School?


From a reader: "There has been a lot of talk of there being 100+ openings for Principal positions this year. Huberman has hinted he wants closer to 200. Yet there have only been less than 20 listed on the E Bulletin. The word is that in mid to late March principals will begin to announce their retirement."

How many openings do you think there are going to be, which are the best (or worst) of the lot, and who do you think is going to get picked?


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  • Are these principals being forced to retire or are they leaving before the furlow days are enforced? Does anyone know? I am curious because I have heard one pricipal consistantly talk about retirement where before this year, he was adamant about not retiring.

  • I agree that there are a lot of incompetent principals out there. However, those aren't the ones they're going after. They're going after the ones who show any gumption or leadership.

  • Yup. No one can justify giving the position of running the third largest school district to someone who is a third rate "manager", who has a spotty record and no experience running a school much less a school district. It defies logic, the placement of Huberman. What you have is a daily beat down handed out by Huberman's Patronage Management Team. Calling it like it is! The "innovative" tag to shield their sorry actions and policies has been worn out by Arne Duncan. We have world class benchmarks to judge Mr. Huberman and his folly. Download and read the technical report on what really works and it doesn't look like the Vallas/Duncan/Huberman folly!

    "The United States is squandering a significant opportunity to leverage improvements in teacher knowledge to improve school and student performance,

  • I'm easily confused, but could someone please explain how even if the second paragraph were true, why that would make the linked story a "conspiracy stories" or "gossip"?

    It's full of links and evidence.

    It's easy to attack individuals, but does nothing to improve the discussion.

  • yes! 8-10:00AM on Monday at IIT. dum--dum-dum-dum

  • what percentage of candidates do you think make it through the CPS process, and how long does it take? is it substantially longer or more involved than other districts' screening processes? i haven't gone through the process but it sounds long and cumbersome, esp. for a proven school leader. fill me in?

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