"Principal Picks" Loopholes Closed -- Sort Of

What do you think about the changes they're proposing to the infamous principal pick process? Will they work? Will they make a difference? Or are there still loopholes that remain out there?


CPS revises rules for 'principal picks' Sun Times
Public School officials Wednesday unveiled new guidelines intended to
squeeze the clout out of "principal picks'' at elite college prep high
schools - even though auditors recommended such admissions be scrapped

Audit of admissions finds lax oversight, sparks curb of principal power
audit of selective and magnet school admissions in CPS found that
principals had wide discretion to hand-pick students, and CEO Ron
Huberman now plans to sharply curb the principals' power over

Tighter Controls Over "Principal Picks" at Elite City High Schools WBEZ
's top public high schools can handpick five percent of their students.
Today the district is announcing tighter controls for how those kids
can be selected.

PLUS: No Details on CPS Clout Admissions, But Tightened Controls


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  • Just heard that the Principals do not always take the full percentage of students, or seats, allotted for the Principal Discretion process. I hope Huberman encourages all the Principals to take students for all the seats even though they will be "over" due to the Select 100. These are the children who took the test, worked on test prep, perhaps lived in a misprepresented real estate tract, and perhaps, missed the cut off by a point. Many may move out of the city as a result. Not what Daley was hoping would happen, I suppose.

  • In reply to Dumont4:

    I agree. My child missed the cut by three points for our tier. What about these kids who stressed, worked hard and dreamt of getting into the high school of their choice, only to learn that students, some of whom didn't even take the test, get to walk right in.

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