Illinois Named As "Race To The Top" Finalist

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Illinois has been named one of 16 states who are finalists in the federal "Race To The Top" competition, which will eventually give several states $4.3 billion in new education money to implement various reforms. 

The list of RTTT finalist states includes CO, DE, DC, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MA, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN.  You can see the video announcement online here:



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  • press release from gov. quinn:
    Governor Quinn Announces Illinois

  • Here is an ad in the EDGUIDE- A Niche Publications Advertising Supplement, March 4, 2010: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN TEACH? The Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL), in conjunction with National-Lewis University (NLU) in Chicago, is looking for a few good teacher candidates to help turn some of Chicago's lowest-performing schools into schools of excellence. Earn your master's degree from NLU, your Illinois teaching certificate and get the preparation you need to teach in an AUSL-managed school through out Urban Teacher Residency program. You'll also earn $32,000 during your year of full-time training with your mentor teacher. More than 540 men and women have applied online. AUSL is particularly interested in applications from teacher candidates who have a background in mathematics and in those who want to teach at the high school level. Apply online today at The deadline is April 1, 2010.

  • the tribune weighs in with this update, noting the potential concerns about unfunded mandates

  • catalyst talks to tim daly from the new teacher project about how IL managed to make it to the finals

  • The phrase "reform efforts" is code for massive privatization and profitization of the public service of education. The amount of money per child IL might receive is chump change compared to the perceived benefits of eliminating union employees en masse.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    The unions paid over 66 million to the Obama campaign - but can't fund its own retirement accounts. This is wasted money. Teachers need to be removed from unions and allowed to actually teach after learning what a great country America is so they can teach that thought in schools rather than bashing it as many do today! Education reform under Obama is socialism in disguise!

  • In reply to AmericanPatriot:

    Do you have any knowledge about the history of unions in this great country?

  • Obama has struck out on public education. Obama clowned us all by bringing Duncan on board! Sad, really. Selling out public education to the highest bidder because it is the politicians, school district leaders and their friends don't know how to run successful school districts.

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    Most teachers and administrators today also don't know their own American history much less know how to run a school. AND American parents are to blame as they take no interest in their children's education nor do they make them learn and do their homework. Japanese kids go to school all but 3 weeks a year and they go a half day on Saturday to learn. Indian children learn geometry in the 5th grade - here it isn't taught until the tenth grade. Ever wonder why Americans are so far behind the rest of the "literate" world and that the average American reads at a sixth grade level? Obama clowned all who listened to his promises and believed them - shame on them!

  • Let's see. The $4.3 billion RTTT program constitutes LESS than one percent of the money the nation spends on its schools.

    This program has got to be one of the most successful programs at instituting strong, centralized government in our nation's history. For less than one percent new funding, 41 states changed their education laws.


  • Hooray that you finally woke up from your Obama dream state and recognize what this socialist is doing to this country! I wish millions of you would do so. He needs to be impeached! When I saw others like you CHEER these words, "Your electrical rates will skyrocket" which he promised on the campaign trail and is now trying to do, all you did was cheer! When he made promises he couldn't possibly keep and was cheered, I wondered what was wrong with Americans? Are they listening??

    Now thankfully you have awakened and see what damage this socialist is doing to the country! The easiest way to transfrom a political thought is through its children and this RACE TO THE TOP -is anti American thought and propaganda in the guise of "education."

    I also agree totally with you that all should write their congress persons and demand this program be de-funded! All it will do is propagate the same type Anti -Americanism that is present in two educational programs operating today: International Baccalaureate and Confucius Classroom!

    Americans really need to look at what is being taught, the discussion questions that are being asked and what children are learning - its propaganda, pure and simple. Kids are not being taught about their own great country and its achievements, they are taught that America is bad - and by extension so are they!

    I hope to see you register and vote for Conservatives in November. That is the ONLY way to stop what is going on! You and your children will soon be working to support a government rather than yourselves!

  • I would recommend a firing squad rather than jail but would settle for the latter!

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