Does Anyone Care About LSC's Anymore?


Twenty-two years ago, LSCs were among the most progressive, revolutionary ideas in American public education.  Less than a week before the filing deadline for parents and community members who're interested in becoming an LSC member for 2010-2012, only about 1600 folks have signed up. 

Mike Klonsky explains why the registration is so low, what CPS has and hasn't done to promote LSCs, and encourages anyone interested in participating to get their materials in on time. 


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  • Nobody cares anymore. They are past their prime. CPS just ignores them and moves forward. And their only spokesmen are the same aging, tired people who have been championing them for years.
    They have become irrelevant to cPS and to the schools.
    Stick a fork in them, they are done.

  • CPS has been working to discourage LSCs for some time. They don't advertise like they use to or send flyers home like they use to. No media coverage, no support.
    And then there is the apathy. How can LSCs fight for their school when the school may be closed on whim or there is no money to do what is needed for the students? To many people, it is a losing battle.

    We can also blame the media.

  • I beg to differ about CPS not getting the word out. I pass by a huge bill board at the corner of Western and Roosevelt everyday that is practically begging parents to get involved with their LSC. Also the schools that I know of have flyers on the the outer doors of the school plus information is sent home with every student in English and Spanish. It is not good for a principal when there is a low candidate turn out. I have had principals corner parents to get them to join. I think part of it is the training that discourages parents. It is long and boring, sometimes the facilitators dont show up or in one instance at Collins school the building was closed on the night of the meeting with parents left wondering what to do?? That is discouraging.
    I was on an LSC and found it useful for both parents and administration. I do not think they are a thing of the past I just think chicago has 600,000 students and so many of the schools are in areas where parents just dont give a damn. School is just away of getting rid of the kids for 5 and half hours. but the school that have successful LSC are the schools that have involved parents and it shows in every way. Schools like Talcott have a 90% minority demographic it has 80% poverty but hey they have a good LSC and a good Principal. Drummond through all their chaos still has a strong good LSC. Suder has a growing LSC. Galileo has an active LSC. Andrew Jackson has an active involved lsc. Irving has an active LSC. They are out there and they are valid!!!!

  • don't lie--false documents were presented. the LSC got someone who will do what they say--that is what LSCs are ALL about. When the LSC says jump....

  • another excuse why parents dont get their kids to school, dont wash their cloths, dont get them a meal or buy junk food with their WIC, dont make sure they do homework--it is the schools' responsibility to take care of their children.

  • Parents know what they want in a principal. If it smells like a fish then it must be a fish. Sometimes you just cant take the stink anymore. Principal have to be more transparent. So many principals are old school. Parents are not always right but neither are the principals. We need to get programs that challenge children, schools need to open their campuses and stop this lock down mentality. Kids need meaningful recess, longer lunch, Music and art. Why do some schools get these things example Nettlehorst and Pritzker because they have active engaged parents looking out for their kids. At Pritzker they found a way to get recess into the curriculum, it's called thinking outside the box. They have principals that open their ears and listen. A bad example of a principal is Washington Irving school. She is truly awful and does nothing to raise the bar. some of the Irving LSC fought hard to get her out but was voted on and by one vote they kept her. It is just another sad chapter in the Washington Irving Saga. Bad principal have got to go!

  • Talcott, Pritzker, Galileo and Suder have high poverty levels. Money from parents does not pay for these things. It's working outside the box and getting grants, etc. If you have a Principal and staff that our behind your lSC ideas, then things get done. It's not the parents that are holding back. It's the administration that are to stuck in their old ways. I know I have been a parent at 4 different schools. Each administrator has been different. Some work great with parents and others just dont. Pritzker did'nt have to pay for recess they were just able to creatively work it into the curriculum minutes. Suder's pta has a school auction and believe me it is nothing fancy or high end but it raised enough money to get a music program and a climbing wall. Parent groups in schools are important. I cannot stress this enough.

  • I really dont have an answer for the schools that do not have parent participation. I am here to say that I have seen good LSC and other parent groups work to make their childrens experience the best it can be in CPS.
    Because you are on welfare and eat chips means you cannot participate in your child's school? Gee I'll have to look into that one!
    I had a drug dealer set up shop in my alley and blocked the exit out on to the street but I still made it to my kids school. sTop the stereo types. I know many educated non chip eating parents that never come to meetings at school or go to open houses for their kids. It is always the same small fantastic group of parents that do everything for the school.
    and that is the norm. I would say for a school that has 600 children maybe twenty parents do all the volunteering.

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