CPS advertises for new teachers as it plans to lay off thousands

Hyde Park Johnny over at Daily Kos says just as Huberman is set to lay of tenured teachers and cut programming due to a $1 billion budget deficit, the district is advertising for new teachers out of state and holding secretive job fairs, inviting selective applicants to attend.

The uncovering of the hundreds of advertised jobs came from a tip
from a reassigned teacher that was attending the Lake County teacher
fair and happened to talk to a student teacher in CPS.

A reassigned teacher sent an email, "I was talking to a CPS student
teacher this morning.  There is a job fair on April 10.  She said that
as a student teacher she received a pass to let her in early.  If this
is true, shouldn't displaced and reassigned teachers the same
priority admission?"

Although CPS human resources websites say nothing about needing new teachers, a website from Austin, Texas says the city is looking for 655 new teachers and school staff.

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  • Alexander, you should contact Ron Huberman's office to see if they would like to comment on this!

  • If you follow the national education news, you should remember what happened in Washington DC earlier this year. Michelle Rhee hired hundreds of new teachers the summer before this school year. She then claimed a budget crisis and fired 266 experienced teachers who were more costly. I would not be the least bit surprised to see that happen here.

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