Angry RI Teacher Fired For Obama Effigy In Classroom

Some education news from other parts of the country that might interest (or enrage) you:
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Obama effigy hung at RI school with fired teachers AP:  A teacher at a failing school where he and all his colleagues are being fired hung an [in?] effigy of President Barack Obama in his classroom, apparently in reaction to Obama's support of extreme measures to ensure accountability in schools. [Fired.]

Detroit Plan Would Close 45 Schools Susan Saulny NYT:  The move is the latest effort aimed at rescuing an academically failing district in the midst of a financial crisis.

Administration Seeks Converts to Education Plan Sam Dillon NYT:  Facing intense resistance from teachers' unions, the Obama administration has begun trying to persuade union leaders, teachers and the public that its proposals for overhauling federal education policies are good for teachers and for public schools.

Pink slips sent to thousands of Calif. teachers Robin Hindery, Associated Press:  State school districts had issued 21,905 pink slips to teachers and other school employees by Monday, the legal deadline for districts to send preliminary layoff notices. 

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  • It seems all the teachers were fired first and then the effigy was hung. A protest of Duncan's policies? Well Obama's responsible for that.

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