AM news: Three year degree program could save students cash

'Time is Money' so U. of I. Looking at 3 year Degree Program - Sun-Times
President says the accelerated program would work for as many as 1 in 5 students, but the plan wouldn't necessarily save students on tuition.

Man Charged with Selling Drugs Near Chicago School - SunTimes
A 51 year-old man was found selling heroin outside Dyett school on Wednesday

Quinn Defends Plan to Fund Schools with Tax Hike - WBEZ
The Governor is touring the state, trying to raise support for his move to raise the income tax to avoid $1.3 billion in school cuts.
Cicero Residents Protest Possible School Cuts - ABC7
Demonstrators met outside the Cicero Chamber of Commerce meeting where Quinn spoke Wednesday night.

Ex-cheerleading Coach Gets 40-months for Sexual Abuse - Tribune

A former Naperville cheerleading coach is sentenced for a sexual relationship with a 13 year-old girl. 

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  • I actually talked to my daughter who is currently attending U of I Champaign about this option and what she and other students thought about it. She said most students thought the idea of graduating faster in order to become unemployed more rapidly or take some type of service sector job made no sense. She said in fact many more students were considering graduate school in order to avoid unemployment and possibly to increase their ability to get jobs. My daughter knows several U of I math major graduates from last year's class who are either unemployed or working part time. These students are aware of the economy.

    She indicated that the 3 year graduation deal might be good for engineering students because they may get jobs, but the program is so hard many students are having trouble getting it done in four years. By the way she is a math major in the graduate preparatory concentration and minoring in statistics. The math she is doing is far beyond me and here statistical abilities with very large data sets amazes me. So if she believes there is no point in hurrying graduation because of the job market then I would suspect she is right.

    Rod Estvan

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