AM News: Teacher Layoffs Looming

Illinois Schools Chief:  13,500 Layoffs Likely At
Statehouse News
The latest warning from Springfield to
local schools across Illinois is to get the pink slips ready.
Illinois State Superintendent Christopher Koch told lawmakers at the
statehouse Thursday that the state's 12-billion dollar budget deficit
will likely force local schools across the state to lay off thousands of
teachers, administrators, and other workers.

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testing: Schools stress over ISAT testing, hope students don't
If families feel a little stress during the annual testing
consider the plight of the school administrator or teacher who must pull
off a minor miracle of organization to adhere to the rigid set of rules
that govern the process.

Fire the teachers? When schools fail, it may work
Associated Press
During the last school year, 51 percent of
Sherman students tested proficient on the same academic test, although
they still lag students in the rest of the district. More recently,
scores for students in some grades have slipped in reading and

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Former CPS CEO Paul Vallas Evaluates Budget Shortfall

New Orleans Recovery School
District Superintendent and former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul
Vallas gives us his insight on Chicago Public Schools' massive budget
shortfall for next year.

No arrests in teen's murder
Chicago Police look to the community about solving the
February 25 murder of 15-year-old Nathaniel Maxon on the West Side.

Maria Isaura Gonzalez, 1944 -2010
An artist and Chicago Public Schools teacher, Maria
Isaura Gonzalez was an outspoken promoter of peace initiatives and
community art projects, particularly in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood.

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  • Let's lay off teachers, cut programs, overcrowd the classroom to the point of fire code violation, then point to the teachers who are left and say 'you are the reason the students are failing'.

    When will education be the top priority for people? When will hard working teachers get the respect that is due to them? Monies should be put in the classroom, not the board room.

  • a bit of education discussion in last night's "week in review" -- budgets, salaries, and "race to the top" -- check it out here:,1&player=Week-in-Review&pid=_qxFVm_gQ4Y_DJ_sPiie5hKNsspUjEZO

  • a chicago school wins one of us cellular's $100K prizes

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