AM News: Still No Real Funding Fix

House Okays Judges, Lawmakers Pension Reform Statehouse News: The easiest of Illinois' proposed pension reforms has
cleared a major hurdle at the statehouse.
The Illinois House on Friday unanimously approved a plan to limit how
much a judge or former lawmaker will be able to collect as part of their
state pension.

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Murder charges filed in slaying of SW Side boy:
Sun Times:  CPS spokeswoman Monique Bond said Efrain
was not enrolled in a CPS school.

districts suffer while state funds lag
Chicago Daily Herald:  Elgin Area School District U-46, a
41000-student school district second in size only to CPS, announced March 15 that nearly 1100 ...

McCorkle continues to fight closing
Catalyst:  Even though Board of Education members approved the
shuttering of the
South Side's McCorkle Elementary at their February meeting, staff,
students and parents gathered outside the school Friday morning for a
last-ditch rally. Walgreen
Drops Bid for City Contract After Employee
Took Data
News Cooperative
Chicago Public Schools cut checks to Caremark for almost $150 million in
the last three years, and the transit authority's Web site shows that
Caremark's work for the C.T.A. has been worth almost $100 million since

A Look at Poverty From
an Affluent Suburb
News Cooperative
DuPage County typifies our
penchant for caricature: In the
collective mind it's white, homogeneous, middle class, well-to-do,
Republican. But, as Elmhurst College is revealing with missionary zeal,
it's also a case study in the often-hidden poverty around us.

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