AM News: ISAT Testing Continues

Schools stress over ISAT testing, hope students don't Tribune
It's not tied to individual success, because
children have already advanced to the next grade by the time scores are
returned. But schools are graded, and can be sanctioned, based on ISAT

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can test integrity of educators
Courier News


Scholarship Program Could Fall to Budget Chicagotalks
The program, which to date has graduated and placed 11 teachers, is
fighting for survival as the state slashes funding. Rep. Esther Golar
(D-Chicago) said education is an area that is being hit the hardest.


students plan protests against sports cuts ABC7

and parents are planning a protest against the decision by Chicago
Public Schools to cut sophomore sports.

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student switches gears

the beginning of the school year, Lee has been teaching at Parkside
Community Academy, an elementary school in the South Shore neighborhood.
Hired a week before school started, he was told that he'd have to teach
science but warned there were no textbooks. He had to teach social
studies, for which there were books but little time. He also had to
teach reading, and recently math was added to the list.

Making Tough Choices for Higher Education News
State spending on education will most likely be cut
again, and that raises tough questions of what to pay for and what to
demand in return.

U of I Might See Layoffs WBEZ
The University of Illinois may see layoffs this
year. Faculty have been taking some furlough days this year as part of
budget-cutting measures. Interim President Stanley Ikenberry says the
university is waiting on $487 million from the state.

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