AM News: Gov says raise taxes or he'll cut education

Raise Taxes or Cut Education, Governor says - Tribune
Quinn says a 1 percent increase in income taxes is the only alternative to cutting $1.3 billion in state education funds.

Plus from the Sun-Times - How Education Might Suffer If the Tax Increase Fails

Chicago Tries Management Style on Schools - NPR
NPR highlights Chicago's use of corporate management styles within the school system.

CPS students protest Sports Cuts - ABC7
Hundreds of Chicago youth came out to Lane Tech to protest Huberman's proposal to cut sophomore sports at Chicago high schools. Video after the jump.

Chicago youth declared their illegal status in Federal Plaza as part of
a march during "National Come Out of the Shadows Day" to spur
immigration reform.

Whitney Young teacher's 1st novel wins top award - Sun-Times

Teacher wrote novel about a family living in Poland during WWII which will receive Hemingway Foundation/PEN award this summer.

School Bus Driver Charged with DUI While Driving Children - Tribune
Mount Prospect bus driver was arrested Tuesday for driving kids while
having a blood alcohol level three times over the legal limit. 


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  • When we teacher began our careers (a long time ago for me) in the Chicago Public System, we were paid a poor to middling salary during our working years with the promise of a decent to good pension when we retired. CPS acknowledges its responsibility to make payments to our Pension Fund to meet its legal obligation to keep the Funds assets at 90% of need. However, CPS continues its efforts to get modifications to our pensions and the amounts that CPS legally owes us for next year and the following years. CPS is seeking relief regarding their obligation to contribute $587 million dollars to our pension fund next year. The pension debt that CPS owes us is the result of a promise that CPS made to the State Legislature in 1995. CPS requested and got the diversion of our tax levy into the CPS General Fund. CPS has received $2 billion dollars from our tax levy (that our pension fund didn't receive) and now CPS is moaning about living up to their pension obligations (that CPS asked for). Now CPS is chasing the BIG MONEY, Chicago Public Schools employees salaries, raises and the money they owe our pension fund. CPS wants to open up the CTU contract (Agreement) to garner concessions from the teachers and CPS wants to forgo the next years teacher raise along with other give-backs. CPS will make all nonunion administrators who are not school-based to take 15 unpaid furlough days next year. Governor Quinn is seeking employees furlough days and increasing how much state employees pay toward their health care and boosting the state's retirement age of 60 and capping pension payments. Mayor Daley wants to raise the retirement age for City of Chicago employees and implement a two-tier pension system that shifts newly hired employees to a 401 plan. CEO Ron Huberman was to raise the age of retirement for teachers to 60 years old or higher, eliminate the 3% cost of living raise and set up a two-tier pension system for the Chicago Public Schools.

  • As the readers of this blog are aware I have been discussing the coming fiscal crash that will hit CPS for months. The proposed budget for education presented by the Governor

  • Last night at the Marconi-Tilton "off-the-table consolidation" hearing, the Area 7 CAO said "NO EXCUSES!" There's your answer.

  • Students who are intrinsically motivated or have an adult in their life who can motivate them will have no problem learning in adverse situations. Students who don't have either of these things won't learn in any situation. So I'm doubtful that budget cuts will impact AYP significantly.

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