AM News: Four-Day Weeks Now Allowable

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Ill. House Approves 4-Day School Week Fox Chicago:  A four-day school week is one of the budget-saving
ideas coming
from Springfield.  House approves bill for four-day school weeks Statehouse News:  In an effort to help strapped school districts save money, the House
today approved a bill that would let local school boards set four-day
weeks for students. State owes 9 schools $840.3 million AP:  Illinois owes its nine public universities and
colleges about $840 million in overdue state money. Here is a breakdown
of approximately how much was owed to each institution as of Feb. 26,
the latest data available.  Chicago high schoolers to demand better food at board

Tribune:  When school officials defend serving a daily menu of
nachos, pizza, burgers and fries, they often say they're just giving
students what they want.  CTU
members say Bd of Ed violating their right to free speech
Chicago Bar Tender:  Nine
members of the Chicago Teachers Union say the CEO of the Chicago Public
Schools and the Board of Education are violating their right to free
speech.  Daley
to teachers union: Only shared sacrifice can stop cuts
Sun Times:  "The
real world is what the state will propose in their budget, what the
governor comes up with. That's the real world. ... Ron Huberman is
saying, 'This is what we get from the state and this is is it. That's
the only way out,'" the mayor said.

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  • I am sure that numerous members of the public at large found Mayor Daley

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