AM News: Can Chicago State Be Fixed?

Teaching by example
teachers find a way to help their students learn history and English,
math and science, French and fine arts. The best teachers do that and

Skeptical lawmakers hear vows to fix Chicago State Statehouse News

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Chicago State University's president says the school is running
out of chances to fix its problems, and some state lawmakers agree.

Manley students awarded $5K college scholarships Defender
Washington and Ashley Williams, seniors at Manley Career Academy High
School, were each recently awarded renewable $5,000 college
scholarships from the Protiviti firm through its CommUnity Scholarship

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  • can someone explain to me how Fs count towards state and federal sanctions, and why they only count for freshmen and seniors?

    it's mentioned in this sun times article from a few days ago in regards to schools changing grades to make themselves and their students look better.,grade-changing-daley-schools-031010.article

    any help?

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