AM News: Budget Cuts, Student Violence, Elections

cuts affect Illinois schools
Tribune: Administrators
have assured them that the modest increases being
proposed at many schools won't make a significant difference -- and
research largely backs them up. Still, parents across the region are
venting frustration at school board meetings and pleading for teachers
to negotiate lower salaries to save jobs...

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West Side Students Tackle School Violence Chicago Talks:  On March 24, Chicago Talent Development High School
students, assisted by City Year Chicago and AmeriCorps team members,
participated in an in-school service project focused on creating
non-violence awareness within the West Garfield Park neighborhood... Judge Issues Retraining Order against Chicago Public
WBEZ:  A federal judge has issued a
temporary restraining order against Chicago Public Schools. At issue is
whether Chicago Teachers Union members can campaign for union positions
on school grounds. The district banned the practice, but the union
argues the ban is unfair...
Illinois Senate Approves School Vouchers WBEZ:  Students at some of Chicago's
worst performing public schools might soon be able to receive state
vouchers to go to a private school...Bulldog in FOIA dispute with CPS over LSC candidates Welles Park Bulldog:  The Welles Park Bulldog is seeking to force the Chicago
Public Schools to release the nominating petitions of residents running
for Local School Council in eleven schools.

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  • ps -- IL not one of first round RTTT winners, according to this AP story:

    The U.S. Department of Education has picked Delaware and Tennessee for the first round of its "Race to the Top" competition, giving part of an unprecedented $4.35 billion to the states, a source said on Monday.

    statehouse news predicted IL wouldn't win in this story

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    here's the scoresheet that the judges used to score IL's proposal

    here's the commentary from the reviewers:

  • Chicago School Board Budget Question?
    Can anyone tell me how the Chicago Board of Education handles each schools electric bill? Does each school pay it's own electric bill? Or is the School Board responsible? Can anyone tell me the amount spent on electricity for all Chicago Schools?
    Thank you!

  • Anonymous,
    According to Illinois Code [105 ILCS 5/34-2.1 (f)] the "Council shall publicize the opening of nominations by... such other means as it deems necessary to maximize the involvement of all eligible voters.

    "Each person nominated who runs as a candidate shall disclose... any economic interest held by such person...

    (g) "At least one week before the election date, the Council shall publicize... the names of persons nominated for election...

    Also [105 ILCS 5/34-2.3 (17)] "Names and addresses of local school council members shall be a matter of public record."

    And in the same section (12) "Each local school council shall comply with the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Each local school council shall issue and transmit to its school community a detailed annual report accounting for its activities programmatically and financially. Each local school council shall convene at least 2 well-publicized meetings annually with its entire school community. These meetings... shall provide an opportunity for public comment."

    That is the law my news site is attempting to enforce.

    You can theorize that LSC involvement will decrease. First, I do not agree. I believe public involvement in LSC's has decreased because the media hasn't reported on them enough.

    Second, I respond that the public has a right to be informed and that as part of that right, we need to see the information on those nominating petitions. That right trumps a theoretical concern about LSC involvement.

    The reality is that the LSC is a form of government and requires oversight, just as any other level of government requires public oversight.

    Patrick Boylan,
    editor of the Bulldog

  • It will be very difficult for a hyper-local site to translate any foreign language to English or English to any foreign language.

    We simply don't have the chops to do this for the public.

  • CPS vows special education program overhaul / March 29, 2010 10:55 PM

    Tribune story today

  • not a tribune blog. feel free to post -- i think i linked to something about it a few days ago.

  • If you only speak English then you're out of luck just like Spanish speaking residents in areas where stuff is only published in English. Are there a lot of voters in this area that only speak English? My experience has been that the candidates only bother with bilingualism (in any 2 languages) in areas where there are enough mono-lingual people to make a voting block. If there are significant numbers of English only speakers in the district, a word to the candidates about voters they're not reaching might be enough.

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