A "Sidwell Friends" School For Chicago

Chicago's about to get its own version of Sidwell Friends, the private Quaker school in Washington DC school where President Obama sends his daughters.  And, at just $10,000 a year, the West Ridge school will be a relative bargain and perhaps easier to get into than many other private and magnet schools. Read all about it here and then tell us what you think about this option. 

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  • Lovely. Yet another educational option for the northside.

  • I actually think it is a great option....my only concern with the article that was written in the Trib, was that the folks interviewed seem to think public schools have no sense of community, and that it is super competitive. My kids are in a fabulous magnet school and believe me, there is TONS of community. If you want community, if you want to have the phone numbers of other parents, you have to ask! You have to invite people to your home. And competition....there isn't much at our school....cooperation seems to rule the day. I guess they are getting what they were expecting to get. I don't know, I just am horrified at the idea of spending 10K on kindergarten. That is college tuition!

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