7th Grade 'Hell Year' Getting Worse?


In the Tribune columnist Eric Zorn describes what it's like to be the parent of 7th graders and the things that he and many others do to help their kids do better (or at least get better grades) so that they can get into the right high school.  He even confesses the grade grubbing he's doing with teachers and the principal over his son's grade on a project.  It's pretty sad, he knows. What I'm wondering though is whether the changes this year make things better or worse on a day to day basis?  Attendance changes, for example? 

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  • We sent our daughter to the SelectivePrep Academic Center test-prep this year and felt it was a very good investment (although we do not know her scores yet.) She felt very confident going in and coming out of the test.

  • Wonder how Zorn will feel about CPS if his kids don't get an SE spot. Or what if one does and the other doesn't. What if his kids didn't have a chance in h*ll in making the cut, like most of our kids. What then would he think about Chicago?

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