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I do a roundup of education blog entries every day on the other blog, trying to find and link to the best news and commentary about schools in general.  Here's a look at today's version -- I thought you might be interested to see:

One year later Knowledge Alliance: While much of the funding has yet to reach its
intended beneficiaries, we think the impact at the state and federal
level has been profound.

Apples and Oranges Learning First Alliance:  The
clip uses a split screen to compare a teacher's morning to that of a
real estate broker. The teacher packs in several hectic hours before
the broker even emerges from his bedroom.340x_custom_1265826383621_74657965_8dfe903130

Edmodo Adds Capabilities With Fusion Merger Tom Vander Ark:  I'm
intrigued by the viral potential of free lightweight teacher tools as a
new and important entry point. 

Transparency for What? TAPPED:  Not all data improves policy.

Just One Person Undermines The Struggle" Larry Ferlazzo:  How do you avoid just teaching the "cult of personality" or the "cult of the hero" in your class?

Unemployment By Education Matthew Yglesias:  If
someone you know is considering dropping out of high school, you ought
to do everything possible to convince him or her to reconsider. .

Snow Storms Blow Away School Days Dakarai Aarons

District Dossier:  Snowstorms have blown across the nation, closing schools for multiple days and disrupting school calendars.

Trade School: Will Barter for Skills GOOD Blog:  From
now until the first of March, OurGoods, an online barter network, is
running a pop-up storefront on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called
Trade School, where entry into classes is based not on money or talent,
but on meeting the needs of a particular teacher.

Assessing interim assessments Knowledge Alliance:  The
Center for Policy Research in Education released this revealing study
suggesting that use does not follow the rhetoric when it comes to
interim assessments as a tool for informing instructional change.

There's some good stuff in there, I think.  I wish there were more teacher and parent and student blogs to do the same with in Chicago.  Got any suggestions?

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    to support resolution to freeze closings, turnovers, phase outs, and turnarounds in Chicago just as 'Chicago Model' goes national under 'Race To The Top'The resolution, which was dated February 10, 2010, was introduced by Alderman Pat Dowell (3rd Ward) and Freddrenna Lyle (6th Ward).

    If passed by the entire City Council, the resolution would stop this year's round of turnarounds and other major changes just at a time when the Obama administration, through U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, is pushing the Chicago Plan, including so-called "turnarounds", as a model for school reform across the USA.

    i could not call or email my alderman but i got a fax thru.
    Here's a link to everyone's alderperson's email address.

    or you can use this site using your address

    Find Your Alderman

    here is a form letter to use[jay rehak created]

    Dear Alderman,

    I am writing to ask you to support Alderman Dowell(3rd) and Alderman Lyle's (6th) Resolution urging the City Council to freeze all school closings, phase outs, consolidations, and turnarounds of the processes for at least one year.

    As has been noted in the media, thousands of Chicago residents have turned out to oppose these processes, each of which is disruptive to the learning environment and ultimately harmful to the children of Chicago.

    In the interest of a more studied view of the implications of school closings to Chicago neighborhoods and its residents, I urge you to support Alderman Dowell and Alderman Lyle's Resolution. I also urge the City Council to begin hearings on the long term implications of closing public schools or transferring them to private entities.

    Thank you for your time and consideration of this vital City matter.


  • We have a life northface; fighting for what is best and right for our students. One example is Kuglar above-his successful program for numerous of his successful students was detroyed by duncan and huberman. There is no trust for tweedle dumb and dee with their destruction money. next time some clear examples please...

  • You must be a troll. Race to the Top is Ren 2010 National Style by Duncan. Sorry. We have seen Ren 2010 and it aint worth it. Some folks must have integrity, like the Anaheim School District who told Arne Duncan to take a long walk off a short pier!!!

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