Site News: You Really Like "Open" (Anonymous) Commenting


The return of open / anonymous commenting seems to be a big success -- thanks to everyone who's weighed in over the past few days, especially on the weekend open thread (here)

Click below for a walk-through of how the new system works (it's super easy).

Thanks again!
Here's the link to click if you want to comment without registering:

Thumbnail image for ScreenHunter_69 Feb. 19 15.04asfadsf.gif

And here's the comment form that should pop up after you've clicked the link above:

ScreenHunter_74 Feb. 22 13.08.gif

Thanks as always.

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  • Alexander, what took you so long to do this?

  • lots and lots of resistance and other priorities from the web guys building the site -- not under my control, though promised to me from the start -- i pushed and pushed -- didn't know what more to do.

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