Obama On Snow Days, Part 2


You think President Obama hasn't learned a thing or two since last year?  Last year, President Obama mocked DC area schools for closing down so quickly when it snowed, pointing out that Chicago schools hardly ever closed and raising questions about the flintiness of the people of the Mid-Atlantic states.  This year, with what they're calling "Snowmageddon," there's been no such criticism coming from the White House.  The Washington Post has the whole delicious story here.


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  • But ALL of Chicago schools were open today. Found it interesting that UNO charters closed primary election day. CPS schools stayed open that day, while parents and community members voted right in the CPS schools.

  • Snow Days? -- Cmon we are having a winter storm warning til 9 am - we have to dig our cars out - CPS workers those who answer the phone say that on days like this they have to stay open for kids that have no where to go (where do they go on fed holidays and christmas break? or thats the only place they eat (they sure know how to wreak havoc on local stores in the morning before school BUYING candy and chips)

    open targeted area schools where those people can go. they put teachers, parents CHILDREN etc.. ALL at risk.

    CPS won't close but have you seen school bus drivers drive in nice weather? -

  • Ah, so is CPS closed on Wednesday or not? Can't see anything on the CPS website. Anybody know?

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