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Here's some national education news from the past week that you might find interesting and relevant.

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Haitian Children Begin Enrolling in U.S. Schools EdWeek.
1,000 youngsters who survived Haiti's catastrophic earthquake have
enrolled in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area's public schools, joining
the largest concentration of Haitians in the United States.

L.A. Unified plans to fire more non-tenured teachers than usual
targeted represent nearly 6% of all probationary instructors in the
nation's second-largest school district. A Times report last year found
that fewer than 2% of such teachers were let go.

Stimulus Money Gone, Many Schools Face Budget Gaps NYT
stimulus helped forestall drastic cuts at public schools, but many are
now approaching what officials call a "funding cliff."

Removal Of Asperger's To Change Special Ed Access NPR
Placing kids
on the autism spectrum will change how they access special education
services in public schools. But parents and educators are split over
whether it will help kids or not.

Concerns Raised About Impact of Stimulus on Equity EdWeek
aid may have long-term consequences for funds targeting students with
disabilities and other disadvantages, researchers say.

How Christian Were the Founders? New York Times Sunday Magazine

the appeals from the public, the members of what is the most
influential state board of education in the country, and one of the
most politically conservative, submitted their own proposed changes to
the new social-studies curriculum guidelines, whose adoption was the
subject of all the attention -- guidelines that will affect students
around the country, from kindergarten to 12th grade, for the next 10

Kids' Q & A on Childhood Obesity ABC News 

4 percent of elementary schools, 8 percent of middle schools, and
2 percent of high schools offer daily physical education, according to
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

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