Hot Seat For Huberman At The Fairmont?

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From a CPAA press release:  The 53rd Education Conference, February 4-5,
2010 at the Fairmount Chicago Hotel will be featuring Ron Huberman as a
speaker.  Huberman will be the
first CPS CEO to present a session at a CPAA/CPS Annual Education

Why's Huberman showing up, do you think?  What kind of response will he get?  Are there any brave / loudmouthed / close to retirement principals out there going to stand up and try and call him out a little bit? 

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  • our assistant principal who is at this conference, shared that he had to pay $350 just to get the plan from Huberman tomorrow--isn't THAT special. Assistant princpals and princpals have to PAY $ to here his special plan. I hope he hs a very special handout tomorrow. I have another friend attending who shared that Ron did not stay for the keynote speaker, he ducked out, but would have learned much from this motivational speaker== what princpals and teachers have to deal with every day. Then she joked that Ron did not even know the words to the National Anthem. SO young and yet so dumb....

  • Alexander, you got the atmosphere right in your closing, "Are there any brave / loudmouthed / close to retirement principals out there going to stand up and try and call him out a little bit?" The only ones willing to talk out loud are the ones retiring, if they so choose! Huberman, his PM crew and CAO's know as well as the principals and teacher know, that the emperor has NO ClOTHES! Huberman and team can't take handle criticism because they know they are going through the motions. Huberman can't lead since he has never been there and his PM crew as well haven't. By "there" I mean have been in the front lines of successful school reform and understand the process from the classroom on up. Recently, at an Area 9 meeting with the CAO and PM Data Wizards, there was NO open microphone for questioning their methods, lack of focus on what data was most important and no credible feedback loop. I did see a lot of eye rolling, not because people are afraid of change but the rank amateurism that the PM group exhibits. Daley is at fault since he likes to hire amateurs not professionals!

  • How it is hoped that retiredretiring prinpals will speak up on the morrow, but probably NOT. First-burned out--not my problem and second, lucrative AFTER retirement employment at CPS. Keep your mouth shut.Shame,it is needed for the sages to speak-up NOW!

  • Image of (younger) Howard Beale al la Ron Huberman, at UBS/CPS. Mayor Eternal Daley plays Arthur Jensen. Kremsner plays sexy Christensen. Schumacher is played by retiring princpals: "All of life is reduced to the common rubble" (performance management, reckless assessments, etc.,) "of banality." We all then tune in to the Mao Tse-Tung Hour.
    When will we stop accepting this bs and get mad as hell and not take it anymore?!

  • My principal--who can retire any time he wants to--thinks Huberman is a genius. Why the assumption that everyone is against him?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Kind of says a lot about your principal. My guess a crony with Huberman protection. Rest assured that those who work for the CAO's move in lock step without question or your out.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Huberman's CTA Legacy.
    Other subways move more people, but CTA leads in derailments

    what type of organization would allow such a political hack to speak? this is guy destroys every organization he works for.

    just come to a school closing hearing to hear the lies out of CPS administrators. the principal from gillespie had documents from cps that showed three different sets of performance numbers for her school. even the hearing officer was surprised.

    complete coverage of every hearing is at including full audio and video of the hearings

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    It is amateur hour with the bush league moves regarding the use of selective data to close schools. It is about having or not having clout. We live in Chicago folks! You can have all the "Data" in the world... but with no Wisdom... forget it!

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    terrible how all the retired principals at the conference took the booklet that Ron handed out--not leaving enough copies for current-hard working principals. Glad something was shared after a year in office. However, look through this booklet and it is a bunch of recycled templates of docs that CPS already uses, that do not work--or ways to get information that you cannot read. Oh what a mess in this.

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    Why is morale is so low among principals? Seems the attendance at the CPAA conference was low. Have principals lost confidence in the CPAA?

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    No, but CPAA is not a union. Principals cannot strike; they have no tenure in CPS. (They do outside of Chicago.) There were less there-true because many of the principals needed to be at their schools BECAUSE of the demands by their CAOs for the upcoming and numerous performance management presentations. (Whip sound here.) Another reason, there are less principals. As schools close and go charter, there has been a severe decline in principals and assistant principals employed at CPS--equals less membership. (there are more retired members of CPAA than working members.) Another, CAO from Texas and CAO from chaters who, in 5 months are screwing everything up and treat principals like terds. How crazy is it to force the principals in your area to go to Texas, to see how "it is done." Only to observe there, the answers to the test posted on the board in the classrooms WHILE the students are taking the very test. Now, if that's how they do it in Texas, what is the message here? Ron staes that 2-3% annual rise in scores are not enough. He wants and expects much bigger gains this March. The Texas model must be the way to go.

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    I got an email via first class regarding recruitment of bilingual folks to become principals. These organizations should close shop. Are they honest on what principals are facing in dealing with CPS? Are they selling them a pipe dream? Who wants to be a principal in the Huberman era!

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    No one! Huberman is chasing out great principals and great teachers. The CAOs are placing an overabundance of demands on us to raise EVERY students' score by 10% in March! Our students have been off of instruction because they are taking HOURS of tests in January/February with ISAT in a few weeks. Our SES was cut back from 500 students to 80! The pay is not even worth it to be a principal and then, they remove you because a CAO does not like you. Nuts.

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    Where is there a list of CAOs? Before applying to ANY school, one mist KNOW who the CAO is. No way should one take a job in a school, unless you know about the CAO over it. Be informed first. You may be in for a nightmare.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Where is Marilyn? The use of CAO's as the heavies by Huberman and his PM Group, is a work place issue. Don't be fooled by Huberman and CAO's saying they have your back. Huberman and PM can pull the wool over the eyes of the media by "saying" the right things in front fo the camera. Total BS. Morale is so low because the bean counters don't know education and thus can not lead. Amateur Hour folks.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Mr. Huberman needs to look into the new e-IEP which is so poorly designed that it takes hours to complete one IEP. I went to an e-IEP goal writing workshop. The knowledgeable presenter stated that it is taking her 8 hours on a generic e-IEP-one with no transition goals,no behavior plan and no adding of one to one aides. Those take about thirty hours.

    Maybe he needs to visit a suburban school system so he could find out how teacher friendly the IEP process is elsewhere.

    At my last e-IEP meeting the parent had to sit and wait while we finished-I was the only one without a CPS issued laptop so I had to look on the social worker's laptop in order to agree with the recommendations. Why is it that the teacher is the only member of the team that does not have a CPS laptop? I do not have access or time to access a computer at work and my home computer logs me off on this new e-IEP or it freezes. At school I am too busy teaching my "over the caseload" limit groups, meeting with my very involved parents and collaborating with the gen ed teachers. The collaboration time is not counted in our IEPS-it is noted but only for statistical reasons.

    I hope Mr. Huberman is honest when he hires new special education personnel. He needs to tell them that these prep periods (both AM and during the school day) will not be used to plan, adapt or modify lessons but will be used to observe potential students, test these students and complete a 7 page referral. These new teachers will need to know that the bulk of their time will be spent completing mindless, redundant paperwork, not teaching children. Oh! and do not forget to mention the hours spent on School Based Problem Solving.

    Mr. Huberman needs to try to complete one himself-at home. No other school system demands that their teachers load CPS programs on personal computers-I am sure he did not use a personal computer at CPD or the CTA.

  • In reply to anniesullivan:

    Huberman, the amateur, was hired to the Ren 2010 playbook. End of discussion. When the professionals in the classroom know more than the CEO, then we have a problem. Huberman and his layered PM team, including CAO's will mandate and NOT SWEAT THE DETAILS. Since they are so far from the classroom reality they really not can't see the effect of the mandates in the schools but really frankly don't care. One of the reasons morale is so low, is that Huberman has no clue. He doesn't need to, he is running the Ren 2010 playbook! Until his master Daley says no to Ren 2010, and it doesn't look that will happen, the charade will continue.

  • In reply to anniesullivan:

    One word which never gets mentioned around CO anymore - instruction. When was the last time you heard Huberman say anything about improving instruction? It's all about improving security, adding accountability, doing PM...but no instruction. Because he and his hack senior team seem to believe that instruction will magically improve if we just continue to add more accountability - a fancy word that for the Huberteam seems to mean instilling fear in teachers and principals, because this will obviously make them try harder and then kids' test scores will go up.

    CPS these days makes me so sad.


  • In reply to anniesullivan:

    Huberman brought Sue Gamm back to help in OSS. Now if that isn't desperation...

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    No kidding, about Sue Gamm?! What's she focusing on in OSS now?

  • In reply to anniesullivan:

    here's catalyst's writeup of the event, during which huberman talked about the performance management process and gave a peek into the weekly sessions we've all heard so much about -- not a ton of detail or scrutiny but better than nothing.,_school_improvement_will_follow

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    There is no way you should load any CPS software on a personal computer--that opens you up to subpoenaing of your personal data and files.

    If the district does not provide the time or the equipment to be compliant, let's file a grievance and sign on the other thousands of SpEd teachers who are in the same boat.

    Currently the district and state are requiring teachers to break federal law by demanding compliance at the expense of actually providing services to students.

    Teachers are scared to whistleblow because--well you know better than anyone.

    We've been told directly by upper administrators, OSS personnel and ISBE employees "We're sorry, because we have to discipline you to cover our (selves)".

    Anyone in education to cover their own (self), should go find something else less damaging to children to do with themselves rather than bullying the teachers helping students. I don't know, like mugging toddlers or stealing baby's kidneys.

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