Evaluating Huberman's First Year

Here are a couple of articles taking a look at Ron Huberman's first year as head of the Chicago school system -- both of them pretty gentle and euphemestic on him, far as I can tell:

A year of living on the edge for CPS boss Huberman Sun Times
15-year-old target is the father of two, aides said. In mid-January,
officials said, only 50 of 100 parents had given written approval for
the extra help, with some homes visited four or five times without
adults coming to the door.

Pursuing Peace in Chicago District Administration Magazine
Shields, the district's director of security, says the city's nearly
300 street gangs and 10,000 gang members--many of whom are enrolled in
Chicago's schools--represent a longstanding problem.


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  • 8th-grader was shot in the arm headed to the Brennemann Elementary School. the violence continues that should answer any questions of the competency of huberman and his team of CTA hacks. Oh i forgot now there is a depart of building person appointed to be president whose mother was a teacher. The problem is not only that the problem is getting worse but the people in charge lie about it.

    8th-grader shot in arm on way to North Side school
    A teen boy, possibly 15-years-old, was shot Monday morning outside of a North Side elementary school, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Police told the Tribune the teen was shot outside of a store at 4251 N. Clarendon about 8:25 a.m., but Brennemann elementary school is listed at that address.

    The teen was taken to a local hospital in an unknown condition and the gunman fled.

  • In reply to kuglerjohn:

    The story is correct. It reads "convenience store a few blocks from the school at 4251 N. Clarendon." A few 'grafs later, it gives the address of the store.

  • I had high hopes for Mr. Huberman but until he addresses the following issues CPS will continue to be dysfunctional.

    Talk to the teachers, aides, security guards-get real insight for free.

    Rescind the residency requirement we need the best and the brightest especially in administration.

    Can the differentiated instruction-veteran teachers know it does not work-bring in Barbara Radner from DePaul-she knows how to teach reading

    Put Rod Estvan in as head of Specialized Services-everyone knows it is a mess.

    Put a full time counselor and a full time case manager in each grammar school-this is where children with problems can still be helped-high school is too late.

    Offer veteran teachers a 5+5 buy out-then you can hire two new teachers at the same salary.

    Stop hiring patronage workers with no knowledge of education-you say there is no money but you are still hiring from City Hall or the CTA.

    Stop hiring consultants to present workshops at outrageous prices-a group from Boston just presented an inservice on guided reading-we have no one in CPS who could have presented this?

    This is supposed to be about the children but very little money filters down to them-lack of books, copying facilities, computers are still an issue.

    We have a lot of deadwood in the region offices who offer no help to principals or teachers.

    Stop allowing out of control CAOS to gt rid of principals-that is the purvey of the LSCS.

    Do something Ron, anything, to make your employees feel that they are appreciated!

  • In reply to anniesullivan:

    I never expected anything from Ron Huberman, other than follow the Daley/Chicago Civic Club Ren 2010 playbook. Huberman and his CAO's are going through the motions with something called Performance Management. With the Data Czars, with no school management reform experience nor real classroom experience, their worlds fall on deaf ears.

    Cut the crap out of central office and PM team members who have no experience with school reform management. Listening to these clowns, though they couch their language as if they were a teachers best friend. They can't hide their ignorance, especially when looking at school data. Dumb!

    Cut the crap and put MONEY into supporting the schools and classroom teachers so they can build professional teams.

    The guide is not the fairy tale called Ren 2010, but the real deal. Download and read on how to support schools. It doesn't look anything like Ren 2010.


  • In reply to anniesullivan:

    17-year-old Teen chased, shot dead in West Humboldt Park just after 1:40 p.m. Killed was Ramone Washington, of the 700 block of South Karlov Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

    Teen chased, shot dead in West Humboldt Park

    i hope there was an emergency plan implemented since the shooter was not caught that close to a school.i checked a map murder was about a block away from Piccolo Elementary School. less than an hour later and there would have been students outside.


  • In reply to anniesullivan:

    cps obsessed notes that huberman's job is pretty much impossible, and notes how time consuming the six-principal central office reviews are


  • The Radner--I disagree, her program was poor and wrong in the HSs.
    LSC purvey to get rid of prinipals? Please, LSCs are following what the CAO wants, wht the CAO says,-that is what CPS wants, control over the LSCs and now they got it handed to then BY LSCs!

  • Until Don Frynd is removed--expect more death and violence! He owes ALL of Fenger his resignation. But Ron protects him well.

  • 17 yr old shot RON TODAY. So much for your culture of calm! Please just admit that you do not know what you are doing.
    Your test them to death is causing death!

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