Does Back Of The Yards Deserve A New High School?

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From a friend: " The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council launched a community
[PDF]. The front-page story is about the delay in building a
new high school here. Ald. Cardenas says he wants to take people to
protest at a Board of Education meeting. According to the story, the construction should be paid for through
the local TIF plus CPS and other city funds. The TIF is expected to
contribute $33 million, according to Cardenas.

I don't know if we have
hunger strikers here, but Back of the Yards has been in line for a new
high school for a long, long time. Plus Richards and Tilden are
eligible for turnaround and nobody has done anything about them."

Check it out, and let us know what you think.  Does the neighborhood deserve (or need) a new high school more than other neighborhoods?  Will neighborhood leaders have to do a Little Village-style hunger strike to get one built? 

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    Yes.The Back Of The Yards does need to build a High School around in that area because alot of student's parents can't afford to pay for transportation. I have seen students who have to walk to Tilden High or Richards.It is a walk for them.Especially when you live on the west side of Ashland Ave.
    The neighborhood should not have to go on a Hunger Strike to build a High School.

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