Crib Sheet: Cheating Stories

Blog_Palin_Hand_NotesEver write something on your hand to pass a quiz?  I sure did.  Now's
the time to come clean.  Last weekend, Sarah Palin did what kids have
been doing for years to help remember things (and occasionally to cheat
on vocab quizzes):  she wrote some key phrases on her hand.  The
Internet has been exploding about this in the days since then.  No, I
don't think she was really doing anything wrong.  But it's as good a time as ever for all of us to come clean.  I tried this
method to cheat on a vocabulary quiz in 5th grade.  The effort wasn't
much better concealed than Palin's.  Mrs. Cholden pulled me aside, told
me I didn't need to do things like that, and for some reason I never did again. Did you
ever try and cheat as a kid -- and what happened when you got caught? Or did you ever catch your kid or student trying to cheat, and what did you do?  


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