Audrey Soglin: New Face At EIA


I missed out on noting this in the fall but it's not too late to post about EIA's "new" executive director, Audrey Soglin.  She's a former former
Evanston teacher and local association president. 

She replaces Jo Anderson, who went to Washington to work with Arne Duncan. And perhaps most important, she worked since 2006 as director of the Center for
Educational Innovation and Executive Director of the Consortium for Education Change, a network of Illinois school districts and
professional organizations designed to "improve student achievement by
assisting member districts and schools to become collaborative, high
performing organizations."

CEC just hired Larry Stanton as its ED.

If you know (of) Soglin, the work of the CEC, and the current direction of the EIA, this is the place to weigh in and tell us all about it. 


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  • You mean IEA, of course. CEC is for all intents and purposes a subsidiary of IEA, working on broad-based school improvement strategies in a number of suburban and downstate districts. Audrey S is very talented - she took a good idea which Jo Anderson had been involved with and made it into a thriving and generally positive activity. Since she worked closely with both before and after his tenure as ED, the transition should be mostly seemless.

  • Larry Stanton. Ha ha. This is funny. The Peter Principle, a perfect exammple. Gimme a break

  • yes, stanton has really been around--I do not know how he has survived for so long. he really left the CPS planning office and the SIP process in a huge mess when he quietly moved on--I think there is a hyde park connection here.

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