Another Look At The AUSL Turnaround Model

Here's a new piece from Sam Feldman at the Chicago Weekly about the
AUSL turnaround model at Harvard, AUSL's second school (after Harvard)
starting in 2007
 less than a full year after it had taken over Sherman.  It focuses on longtime teacher Devondra Barrett, one of the few teachers picked up from the old school and asked to stay.

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  • Yesterday strangely enough I posted on the
    site information on a cohort of students with disabilities attending Sherman. These students were in grade 4 in 2007 and by 2009 when they were in grade 6 they showed zero gains in reading.

    At least for this subgoup I am seeing no real improvement.

    Rod Estvan

  • Love how the AUSL elementary head told an audience of potential employees that one does "not even pick up a pencil unless you do it the AUSL way." Wow--that attitude really attracts expereinced and creative teachers--NOT!

  • "Koldyke took a group of principals and parents to dinner at Maggiano

  • What were the specific changes and why couldn't the prior principals pull it off? The teacher said that the threat of telling teachers or the prior principals did not even weigh on the student body, but now it does. Why? Ms Barrett also stated the she heard the new principal say things that principals did not say. Like what? There is a difference in the school, but what were the specific changes that brought them out?

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