AM News: Turnarounds, Friday Meetings, Guggenheim

Chicago: A national laboratory for school overhauls Philadelphia Notebook

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the last day of school in 2004, parents of students in 20 of 22
neighborhood public schools in the Mid-South section of Chicago were
told that their child's school was slated for closure.

Helping principals, teachers the next wave of performance management
Kremsner's team steps up the focus on data-driven decision making and performance, but it's not entirely new. The office is currently working with nearly a dozen departments, and
hopes to complete the process for a new department each week.

Guggenheim alumna protests proposed 'turnaround' of Guggenheim Substance
a long way from the South Side of Chicago to the University of
Pennsylvania, but Kara is part of the 2004 class of Guggenheim
Elementary School. That's only six short years. According to Kara, that
time spent at Guggenheim was a key part of her success in the Ivy
League. [nb this story was sparked by a D299 reader comment]

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  • Data-Driven Analysis: How Illinois school officials rigged the ISAT Reading Test for political purposes§ion=Article

  • Substance News almost has it right. But the poster/teacher doesn't understand applied regression.

  • Does anybody know why Infinity at Little Village High School was moved to Area 26 at Colonel Mills's request? Kelly, Prosser, and World Language were also moved out of Area 25 as well.

  • About Keller. I've seen it claimed that two-thirds of Keller (regional gifted center on the southside) students live in the 19th Ward. How does that work? Isn't the area Keller draws from MUCH wider? If so, then how could two-thirds of the students be concentrated from the relatively small area of the 19th Ward. Could someone help me figure this out? Is there some kind of "proximity" advantage? Thanks.

  • Keller-Yes, proximity counts big. LVHS--minorities attracked much to military service--it is about recruiting AFTER they graduate HS. We are at war...USA needs recruits...

  • more about turnarounds -- a new story about how things are panning out at harvard, AUSL's second turnaround school

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