AM News: Math Push Isn't Working, Study Says

Ridding schools of junk food Tribune

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An important driver of change is through the
federal Child Nutrition Act, up for reauthorization in Congress this

Elgin Wants to Increase Bilingual Class Sizes to Fill Budget Hole WBEZ
Area School District U-46 wants to increase class sizes for its
bilingual students as a way to save money. The State Board of Education
says the request is a first.

Daley Says "Silence Kills" WBEZ
for the three-year program will allow the city to hire a full-time CAPS
officer to work with Chicago Public Schools and community

'Algebra-for-All' Push Found to Yield Poor Results Education Week
evaluation of the Chicago public schools' efforts to boost algebra
coursetaking found that, although more students completed the course by
9th grade as a result of the policy, failure rates increased, grades
dropped slightly, test scores did not improve, and students were no
more likely to attend college when they left the system.

States Rethink Policies on National-Board Teachers Education Week
Despite the downturn in state and local support for national-board
certification, some districts continue to compensate teachers for
seeking, and getting, the credential, especially those that have it in
collective bargaining language.

Zion school official charged with marijuana possession Tribune
a dean of students at Zion-Benton Township High School, is alleged to
have tried to destroy up to 20 marijuana plants in the basement of the
home before police executed a search warrant last week.

School closings list here:

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  • Privatization is not about better services it is about selling your buddy's business.

    a good article in the reader about the outsourcing of privatization planning and implementation. the same is true about the schools it is and never has been about improving schools, but developing a brand that can be sold around the country.(like reading first when it came out, even though it went down in flames lots of insiders made lots of money)

    Spreading the privatization gospel
    Posted by Mick Dumke on Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    Late last month Pittsburgh officials hired Katten Muchin Rosenman to help them with the legal work needed to privatize city parking lots, meters, and garages. That

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