AM News: Huberman Promises Changes

CEO vows to change school-closing process  Sun Times
with complaints from aldermen about the way schools are targeted for
closings, Chicago Schools CEO Ron Huberman vowed Monday to bring the
community into the process earlier.

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Chicago can improve school closings process, schools chief says
Public Schools chief Ron Huberman defended the planned closing of
several city schools Monday afternoon but promised to continue
reforming the highly contentious process.
Huberman was summoned before the City Council's Education Committee

City Council hearing ends without vote on school closings, turnarounds
it better to do something that means next to nothing, or to do nothing
at all?
That's probably the question that Alderman Latasha Thomas was asking
herself this afternoon during a four-hour City Council education
committee hearing, as members considered passing a non-binding
resolution to put a one-year moratorium on school closings and

Districts ax teachers, blame state for financial meltdown Tribune
school districts already struggling with multimillion-dollar budget
deficits are warning of mass teacher layoffs and deep program cuts for
the coming school year -- an impending crisis they blame on the
recession and the state's chronic financial woes.

Bill would let school districts off the hook for unfunded mandates Catalyst
downstate legislator is pushing a proposal to free schools from some of
the state's unfunded mandates as a way to ease the burdens of districts
as they grapple with the current fiscal crisis.

Oswego school district OKs $5.5M in budget cuts
District 308 approved $5.5 million in budget adjustments for fiscal
year 2010-11 on Monday, but the reductions may not be nearly enough.

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  • curtis black at CMW details concerns raised by mccorkle, deneed, and prescott supporters about the closing / turnaround process

  • more about mccorkle

  • huberman response re ctu tro effort: CPS officials expressed satisfaction today with the court

  • LOL -- resent CPS press release with Deneen spelled correctly this time:

    CPS officials expressed satisfaction today with the court

  • wow -- do you believe in miracles? -- prescott and marconi pulled off the list at the last second, according to CPS press release:

    Chicago Public Schools Chief Executive Officer Ron Huberman announced today that he is removing William H. Prescott Elementary School, 1632 W. Wrightwood, from the school actions list that is to be submitted to the Chicago Board of Education tomorrow,

    Huberman also said he is also suspending a proposal regarding the consolidation of Guglielmo Marconi Elementary School, 230 N Kolmar.

    Huberman said CPS officials have received substantial input from the Prescott School community regarding plans to increase the school

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