AM News: Dollars For Safe Passage On The Table

CPS offer $4 million for help to get kids to 12 high schools Tribune

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high schools are: Bowen, which has three small schools in one building,
Clemente, Corliss, Crane, Fenger, Harlan, Harper, Hyde Park, Julian,
Morgan Park, Robeson and Tilden.

Dowell in the fray Chicago Journal
Monday, the city council's education committee will discuss a
resolution Dowell co-sponsored with Ald. Fredrenna Lyle calling for a
one-year moratorium on "school closings, consolidations, turnarounds
and phase-outs" until a comprehensive strategy can be produced.

Taking Head Start Into the Home New York Times
Early Head Start program recently received federal stimulus money to
take parenting and child-development services to hard-hit families'

New cell phone ban in school zones confuses parents
districts and police officials are using e-mails, letters and warnings
to publicize a new state law that has taken many parents by surprise
because it prohibits the use of a hand-held cell phone while driving in
a school zone.
Since the law took...

Suspect in custody after student shot on NIU campus TribuneThe
shooting occurred around 4 a.m. and the campus was shut down. But as of
5 a.m., the campus was open and the university said classes would be
held as scheduled today.

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  • there's a presubmission meeting at crane on the 3rd, according to this website

    you can also download the full RFP there but it took a bunch of steps and i got distracted

  • ok i lied -- i registered and got the PDF for the safe passages RFP -- but i didn't read it.

    let us know if you see anything interesting in there.

  • Just checking.

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