AM News: CTA Cuts Will Affect CPS Students

How will CTA cuts affect you? Sun Times

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Chicago Public
Schools spokeswoman Monique Bond says letters are going home to parents
to advise them of the cuts. Longer waits for buses could mean more
opportunity for trouble, so the schools are working with the police,
Bond says, on areas "that may be of some concern." Some bus runs make
special trips to 44 high schools at dismissal time. Those trips won't
be cut.

South Loop School at crossroads Tribune
Should some students be moved out or should
officials try to find a building large enough to house a growing
student population? Should the gifted program be dropped to make more

Fallout from Foreman
Wayne Blackshear transferred from Curie to Morgan Park at the
end of January, the end of the first semester. He had to sit out the
rest of his sophomore season and then was ruled eligible to play at
Morgan Park this year, his junior season.

Chicago media continue to ignore school closings and turnaround hearings Substance
Chicago Sun-Times education reporter Rosalind Rossi
covered both the hearings on February 1, 2010. Three days after Rossi covered the Marshall
and Phillips hearings, the Sun-Times still has not published a story.

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  • cool interactive map showing impact of cuts by neighborhood and time of day -- check out your kids' routes and see what might happen

    thanks to JAS for posting this on my facebook page


  • Does this sound like a failing school to you? Chicago's Guggenheim Elementary in Englewood

    Guggenheim is everything that is great about the American education system. If education reform means doing away with schools like this one then how can it possibly be good for this country?

    Josef Canning is an actor in Los Angeles who graduated from Guggenheim 40 years ago. He flew back to Chicago so he could speak at a hearing on closing the school last night. The alumni area speaking loudly and clearly with one voice to testify to exactly how much this school meant to them. Perhaps, the most impressive has been the current students who have spoken in favor of the school. According to Substance

  • Huberman's CTA Legacy

    Other subways move more people, but CTA leads in derailments

    February 5, 2010. PADEREWSKI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Gillespie Elementary School (TO RELOCATED CONSOLIDATED). CEO Presenter Jimm Dispensa; LAW DEPT presenter (Not yet announced).

    just come to a school closing hearing to hear the lies out of CPS administrators. the principal from gillespie had documents from cps that showed three different sets of performance numbers for her school. even the hearing officer was surprised.

    complete coverage of every hearing is at including full audio and video of the hearings

  • No sorrow for Southloop! Boo-Hoo. The community kicked out the poor black kids and guess what? scores went up--then brought in a gifted program and scores went way up. The article about Jones College prep needed million $$ upgrades?! Jones was just upgraded big time 7 years ago? That building will be sold as is NOT appropriate for elementary school. They should just get NTA and make it a 6-12 school, that facility CAN be a high school--why does NTA get to stay open with such low enrollment when CPS closed schools with higher enrollment. Now unless Jones CP is going to lower their standards and take more southloop students who do not have high scores--then, south loop needs a high school. It will be interesting to see how this new selective enrollment thingy works at Jones. Boo-hoo boo hoo00

  • day one of the CTA cuts went OK at clemente, according to this post from vocalo's jennifer lacey -- but it sounds a little precarious.

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