AM News: CPS To Reverse, Slow Down Closings

Mayor Daley's anti-war pitch Tribune

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happened to education?" Daley said. "Why is it we're still struggling
with how important education should be? We're forgetting what made
America was educational opportunities, not a gun, not war."

CPS Will Change School Closings Process WBEZ
administrative officer Bob Runcie says going forward, the district will
identify struggling schools early on to give parents and the community
a chance to come up with strategies to improve, well before any
announcement is made to shut down a school.

Inmates say 'stay in school'
Columbia Chronicle
with inmates at two maximum security prisons have created a learning
tool that has spread across the United States and recently into Chicago
Public Schools. 

More TV, Less Exercise for Chicago Students WBEZ
the bright side, the research shows that students in the rest of
Illinois are in better shape than the nation at large. Mason says that
may be partly explained by Illinois's robust physical education

Lawmaker Eyes Sugar On School Menu Statehouse News
The Illinois General Assembly is once again looking to change what your kids eat at school.
Chicago Democrat Monique Davis want to limit dessert and other sugary foods at lunch or breakfast.

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  • Is he blind or untruthful? "Mason says that may be partly explained by Illinois

  • John McCarron

  • Chicago kids and physical activity. Why did this BEZ story NOT mention that CPS has an exception on the weekly amount of gym? Did the reporter not realize that???

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    It is called lazy reporting!

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    WBEZ, please know that ISBE is/was NOT supposed to renew the CPS PE exception in the high schools and violates the School Code for elementary PE. At our school, our principal counts toilet-time as PE time on the time distribution sheets that are used for ISBE purposes. I hope you read this because it is what your reporter should know.

  • Our Illinois assembly has nothing better to do but to check out what our students eat for breakfast & lunch. Do they see what the kids sneak into the lunchroom to eat instead of the stuff they serve as edible food? Do they want to attempt to control what kids eat at home as well?
    I can think of better things for them to work on - gee like the state budget and paying their bills.

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