AM News: Closings, Absences, Lunchtime Waste

Study Shows Student Performance Affected by Teacher Absences WBEZ

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Researcher Brian Jacob explains the study and how its results might
reflect what's happening in Chicago.

Chicago public schools pile up lunch waste Tribune
Kids eating lunch in Chicago schools toss out nearly a quarter of a million foam trays every day -- and that's just the beginning

Alderman Latasha Thomas criticizes school closing plan Substance
Ward Alderman Latasha Thomas, who chairs the Education Committee of the
City Council, told Substance that Ron Huberman's performance criteria
to close schools are wrong and said she would like to have hearings in
the Council to discuss the topic.

Fitch Rates Chicago Board of Education, Illinois' $206MM GOs 'A+'
Ratings assigns an 'A+' rating to the following Chicago Board of
Education, Illinois' unlimited tax general obligation (GO) refunding
bonds (dedicated revenues):

Students plan King memorial Tribune (Dawn Turner Trice)
Gage Park kids want to commemorate Marquette Park march.

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  • Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency. Force, corruption and intimidation only work so much until you have to get some real work done. and then you look around and only hacks and incompetents are left.

  • Hmmm: "Study shows Student Performance Affected by Teacher Absences." Yup. It's all the teachers' fault... What about students who are absent 60, 70, 80 times a year? That can't be good for performance either! (Oh, I forgot. If the students are absent, it's still the school's fault!)

  • Here is what I don't get about the school closing list.
    According to Catalyst who ranked the schools in the order of possible points using the new crtiteria, there were schools who had lower scores. For instance, Parkside had the lowest score and CPS is not closing it. Guggenheim is number 17 and is on the closing list. I don't get it. Here's the link:,_turnaround_under_new_criteria

  • Thanks Alexander!

    we started a unit on properties of plastics and plastics coding in our eighth grade on Friday. This article will increase relevance and lead to a great writing assignment.

  • Retired Principal said: CPS closes the schools they want to close, regardless of what schools have the lowest scores!

  • I thought the whole point was to make the closing process more transparent and fair. Why have this new criteria if you aren't going to close the schools in order, stating with lowest performing first. I just don't get it...

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Well, there are some practicalities. You can't close a school if doing so will result in K-8 schoolers having to walk way too far, or if doing so will result in all of the students having to attend an already overcrowded school or if doing so will create political problems for an already weakened alderperson. I know CPS isn't known for its common sense, but still, there are considerations.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Thanks toTrib for writing about the yrs of food waste in CPS. Students are FORCED to take food they do not want and throw it all away-not eaten-not touched. Our Mothers are in the back going through the school's food garbage to feed their families. This waste is is sick and nothing is being done about it! NOTHING.

  • Will they close CPS schools...Chicago is expecting 8-12 inches of snow by Wednesday morning. Here is a quote from an article in the suntimes "The National Weather Service is advising to allow for extra travel time and, if possible, to avoid travel all-together Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.",winter-weather-chicago-snow-storm-020810.article
    Will they have the teachers, children and parents suffer yet again?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    No. CPS never closes schools for snow.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    There are no snow days built into the calendar, and CPS operates at the minimum number of student attendance days allowed by law.

    Any student attendance day missed must be made up at the end of the year in June. Thus, if we were to miss one day, the last day of school would be Monday, June 21 rather than Friday, June 18.

    Summer school is scheduled to begin on that date.


  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    20 minutes to eat in grammar school and about 30 in HS. those are total sit down and relax and eat if there are no surprises. imagine your child 5 years old having to rush into the cafeteria and then find a seat to quickly shove that food into their mouth before they have to go. that is how it is. just go and sit in a lunchroom one day and see how cps ruins lunch for hundreds of thousands of children. lunch for young children should be at least 45 minutes to one hour to properly digest and go through the eating process. anything less is would be considered child abuse in other countries. eating should be a relaxing enjoyable experience but as with all things cps it becomes an operation of complete incompetence and harm to the children when handled by the system.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    CPS just said this for PC with the TRIB. We have never been allowed to save food from being tossed, Students ALWAYS MUST take items even if they do not want them-- TRIB-please ask for this policy in writing. You were lied to.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    taking food out of the lunch room is not permitted. i once asked if my daughter could take her orange home and the lunch attendant said that was not permitted. I heard that was policy.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Of course they will - which is BS. I have written about this numerous times. There is a WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 9 AM
    They are putting over 450000 people at risk (thats just the number of children.

  • Education is the job of the school
    Teaching poor eating skills including waste is a failure of the school to develop healthy adults. Relaxed eating helps digestion and calms down the body. Any person who keeps arguing that test prep, reading and whatever trash people think education is, is just silly. Schools are meant to teach children not only how to be smart but how to live. The attitude that eating, sports, fresh air, sun light, trips and other "non-educational" activities are a waste of time or money just shows that the adults are the problem with the educational system in this society not the children; until there is a realization that the physiological training of children is as or more important than academic conditioning, we will continue to see disruptions in the school environment that later progress to family and work place dysfunction.

    John Kugler


    Michelle Obama vs. childhood obesity,CST-NWS-sweet10.article

    A Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind

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