AM News: Advanced Placement & Asperger's

Ilinois Advanced Placement exams: Fewer passing Tribune

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record number of Illinois high school students took Advanced Placement
exams last year, but the proportion of them who passed the rigorous
end-of-course tests continued to decline, according to data released
The Illinois trend mirrors a national one.

Removal Of Asperger's To Change Special Ed Access NPR
American Psychiatric Association announced yesterday that it is
proposing to eliminate the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome from the
official diagnostic guide of mental disorders. The revised manual would
place kids who are currently said to have Asperger's within an expanded
definition of autism.

Teachers, Parents, Now Aldermen Protest School Closings WBEZ

Teachers Union president Marilyn Stewart is calling on the Board of
Education to hold off on a planned vote to close or fire staff at 14

Educational issues threaten economic development
The city, Preckwinkle said, should set a goal to have 75 percent of its students graduate by 2016.

Richardson-Lowry 'uniquely appropriate' to head school board Defender

Daley extended "the honor," it wasn't something she thought about
taking on. But after she had time to digest it, she said it became the
"right thing to do" and an opportunity to honor Scott -- who she refers
to as a friend who she'll miss greatly -- and his public service to

See updates on the Meeks proposal to eliminate LSCs in comments below.

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  • CPS Fears $267 Million Shortage In State Funds

    A big battle over budget cuts looms over the Chicago Public Schools. It could mean layoffs for hundreds of teachers. It could also mean that dozens of innovative and popular charter schools will be forced to close their doors. CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports.

  • "Innovative and popular" according to who? It that just a title that goes on charter schools automatically? How is spending tons of money on ridiculous marketing campaigns "innovative"?
    CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery needs to practice some basic tenets of journalism.

    He could just as well say, "dozens of poorly organized charters schools that use non-test measures to hand pick their kids, receive additional supports and still don't improve student learning will be forced to close their doors". It'd be more accurate in the aggregate, and it sure would change the tone of the story.

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