Who's On -- Or Off -- The School Closing List?


Rumors are flying about who's on the closed list -- Bowen, Richards?  Meantime, there's a big story about how Ren10 has been a bust in the Tribune and comments are on and off. 

I call conspiracy, but keep trying to post comments and send tidbits.  We'll figure this out as best we can and then digest the results when they come in (possibly tomorrow). 

Meantime, happy MLK Day.  

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  • phillips, not richards.

  • Funny how the highlighted comment that never changes regarding the Trib article is "Comments: 'Give Daley some credit for trying'" I have to agree. Give Daley big time credit for mucking up public education!

  • on Twitter, CORE says that Prescott might be on the list, too.

  • prescott is true. Phillips HS will see the other schools in it be relocated. The HS needs room.

  • Sorry how we could not read the other many comments about all the testing this month. Really wanted to read what others were saying about CPS and testing so much. Could not get to one of them this weekend becasue of chicagonow problems. Can you post that string agan please once the problem is fixed?

  • not to worry we'll get all the testing comments posted asap -- meantime i wanted to give folks a chance to weigh in with what they're hearing, thinking, worrying about re closing announcements.

    it's like the movie up in the air, only it's a school not an employee getting "fired"

  • From the PURE website:

  • When these schools close, all the emplyees will be fired! When the little schools at Phillips get relocated, all the teachers and staff in the school building they relocate to, will be out. Wait until tomorrow, it will be chaos for CPS emplyees, parents and students.

  • what about yale?

  • I work at Woodson South, and would be shocked if we aren't turned around. By this time last year we had multiple walkthroughs and this year I can think of only one to date. Another interesting statistic was how at least six of the eligible schools were from Area 13.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    My school is on the "matches criteria to close" list and in the primary grades we have not seen a single "Area Officer" YET!!! However I have heard they have been all over the the Intermediate and Middle school... What is that all about? My principal has said that we will not close... But he has not said we will not be turned around....hmmmm?

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    my principal printed a copy of the Catalyst article and wrote in magic marker that basically we staff need to stop complaining and asking what is going on.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Retired Principal said: According to today's Chicago Sun-Times here is the HIT LIST. Closing- Curtis, Guggenheim, Prescott, Las Casas. Turnaround- Ruggles, Gillespie, Deneen, Phillips, Marshall. Consolidation- McCorkle, Paderewski, Marconi, Mollison. Phase out- Schnider.P.S.- Targeted schools, NOW YOU MUST FIGHT!

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    If you were spared from the closing list, just remember they're not done and that could be you next year. Waiting until you are personally affected to stand up and fight is a losing strategy. The only way to stop this is to stand together even if your own school skates by. There will be another list in 2011 and another in 2012 unless people get involved.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    thanks, RP -- here's the link if anyone wants to read roz rossi's story


    "Storied Phillips High -- where Nat "King" Cole once walked the halls -- and basketball powerhouse Marshall High School are among 14 Chicago public schools expected to face massive shakeups, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned."

    "For the first time, kids in schools closed for either academic reasons or for lack of enrollment have been promised they will be sent to higher-performing schools. Some receiving schools will get longer school days and some transferred kids will get summer school classes to guard against academic loss."

    we'll see how THAT works out in reality.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Retired Principal said: Bowen Campus and South Shore Campus WATCH OUT, CPS is looking to whack one you also! P.S.- The only thing that might save the South Shore Campus for next school year is the delay in the construction (because of the underground stream in the park)of the new building. Then the South Shore Campus will be whacked in the 2011-2012 school year!

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    The South Shore Campus was an experiment that is moving towards failure but everyone who worked there during the beginning transitions from South Shore High School to the several small schools located on the campus knew the concept was doomed. As an alumni of SSH as well as a teacher who came back twice it has been heartbreaking to see what has happened to the school. Rumors were that the small schools would last about four or five years before the campus reverted back to plain old South Shore High School. Looks like the predictions are coming true.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    official press announcement at 2, according to cps

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    tribune update a few more details"

    Two elementary schools, Gillespie and Bradwell, will be operated by the successful Academy of Urban School Leadership. A third, Deneen, will be run by the office of school turnarounds at Chicago Public Schools. Two chronically underperforming high schools will be turned around, Phillips High School by AUSL and Marshall High by the district office.


  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Two elementary schools, Gillespie and Bradwell, will be operated by the successful Academy of Urban School Leadership. A third, Deneen, will be run by the office of school turnarounds at Chicago Public Schools. Two chronically underperforming high schools will be turned around, Phillips High School by AUSL and Marshall High by the district office.

    Is that different from the unsuccessful AUSL that we all know and love?

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Stephanie Banchero did a first rate job on her article on Ren 2010, it was balanced and objective. As much as many folks on this blog dislike charters, her analysis shows some are working, but many are not. In many ways they are like traditional public schools, some are good, some are just OK, some are bad. However, this is really not what was promised when Ren 2010 was started, and I think Stephanie Banchero's article effectively makes this point without being bombastic about it.

    Mr. Huberman's comments in the article also recognized performance problems in a good number of Ren 2010 schools. But opening and closing schools really costs a good amount of money, money that CPS does not have and will likely in FY 2011 have even less of. Maybe right now we need a moratorium on new schools.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    here's the CPS press release that just came out, so you can see what folks are working off of:


    January 19, 2010

    Chicago Public Schools Officials Announce 2010 Proposed School Actions

    New Student Bill of Rights Criteria Guides Process

    Chicago Public Schools officials today announced a series of proposed school actions that are designed to improve educational opportunities for students at low-performing schools and create operational efficiencies by closing school buildings that are under enrolled or in poor condition.

    CPS Chief Executive Officer Ron Huberman and Chief Education Officer Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins said the proposed actions call for the turnaround of five schools, closing four schools, consolidating four schools and phasing out one school.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    now that we have the list i'm wondering are there any schools on the list who, statistically or otherwise, shouldn't be there (or any who aren't on it who should)?

    here's the WBEZ story -- short and to the point:

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    i don't get it -- how exactly will they guarantee that the kids will go to better achieving schools than the ones they currently attend? that seems to be a big point here, that this is a better, more humane process than in previous years, but duncan and his team tried to do this too and it never seemed to work out that well.


  • In reply to chiteacher:

    ps -- kudos to roz rossi for being first to have the CPS list -- i think she beat everyone else by a mile.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    This is all a shell game. Open, close, turnaround, etc. It's all designed to keep the public quiet, and the media away from the failure that the Daley run schools have been.

    Think of it this way, if you close a school like they did with the Orr Campus, and hand it over the AUSL, now instead of 3 underperforming schools, you have 1. There's no way the Board & AUSL can fail with those numbers. They reduced the number of failing schools, bang, just like that. The big move to show improvement will be when they close the other campus high schools. Man that will be a bonanza for Huberman, it'll look like he's a genius. Close the Bowen Campus & the South Shore Campus, 7 small schools, and reopen as two schools. They will have reduced the failure unbelievably. Huberman will replace Duncan as Education Czar. He might even run for Mayor!

    Meanwhile, poor kids still live in deathly violent neighborhoods, get substandard educations, and will have limited lifetime career opportunities. If they make it out alive. But that's the teachers, principals, and schools fault right? It's a societal problem. We have to honestly decide to change the world. It has to not be good enough for all of us or it'll just be another lifetime of shaking our heads and wondering why things aren't any different.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    catalyst adds more about how the process will be different this year, including -- they stole my idea from like a hundred years ago! -- the plan FINALLY to give kids from closing schools access to magnets.


    which lucky two magnets are going to get some of the kids from these schools, and how many spots are being reserved (ie, not given to siblings and neighborhood kids) was not specified.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Retired Principal said: Alexander, there are 14 CPS high schools that have lower chronic academic performance for two years (33.3%)than Phillips High School, with principals who have been there longer than two years, that are not being turnarounded! It's not what you know but who you know! P.S.- Because of this 14-school shakeup (destruction), 320 tenured teachers may be losing their jobs!

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    let's get specific here -- which are the schools with lower scores than phillips and longer tenured principals, RP, and why are they getting off without being turned around?

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Retired Principal said: Alexander, here are the 14 CPS high schools that haver lower chronic academic performances for two years (the average) than Phillips High School with principals who have been there longer than two years. 1. Robeson, 11.15% 2. Harlan, 13.15% 3. Clemente, 14.05% 4. Crane, 15.10% 5. Tilden, 15.10% 6. Washington, 15.35% 7. Gage Park, 16.85% 8. CVCA (CVS), 16.85% 9. Richards, 17.86% 10.. Roosevelt, 19.35% 11. FENGER (turned out already), 19.50% 12. Hope, 19.85% 13. School of Leadership, 20% 14. School of Entreprenuership, 20.20% 15. Hyde Park, 20.60% 16. Dunbar, 22.40% 17. School of Technology, 23% 18. PHILLIPS, 23.70%. Alexander, I made a mistake, THERE ARE 16 CPS HIGH SCHOOLS WITH LOWER SCORES (not counting FENGER) than Phillips! Why are they getting off without being turned around? Because, it's not how low your scores are, it's who you know! Any other questions?

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    thanks, rp but i still don't get it -- which of those schools have principals or supporters who have access to clout, and what's the source of the clout that can prevent them from being closed or turned around? robeson? harlan? clemente? name some names, please.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Washinton HS stays out because the principal is wife of Al Sanchez-Daley BFF.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    With the Frynd turnaround mess and death, and Daley, the mayor eternal, Ron is cutting losses; taking it slow and conservative. Plus, AUSL really taking over more HSs? Costly and who wants to work there? These youngn's have seen and heard about the tragedy at Fenger and CPS has no honor-no matter how good, talented
    or dedicated you are. Why would anyone want to go to these schools? When you apply for Don's turnaround inferno, you have to give up your first born.

  • In reply to chiteacher:

    Retired Principal said: Alexander, to stay a principal in CPS you must either "play ball" with CPS or have a "guardian angel" (I.E. Washington- Florence Gonzales, principal; Al Sanchez-Daley). That's the way the game is played and that is why principals are keeping their mouths shut! Principals don't like what is going on with Ron Huberman and CPS! Alexander, I can only reveal so much, because I don't want to bring "heat" on these sitting principals. However, what principals do CPS like? Gerald Morrow (Robeson), Reggie Evans (Harlan), Leonard Kenebrew (Clemente), Richard Smith (Crane), etc. Alexander, I know you want more but these were my colleagues!

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