Who Will Pay For A Longer School Day Or Year?


I haven't had time to check it out but you can find a new cover package from Catalyst about the importance of instructional time:

"Compared to national averages, the Chicago Public
Schools  school year is 10 days shorter and the school day 45 minutes
shorter. Research shows low-income students stand to gain the most from
extra learning time, and district and state officials are planning bids
to win federal funds to pay for it."

It's that last part -- how to pay for it -- that's most interesting, given Chicago's current budget woes and long running reluctance to spend more on a longer day or year.  How can federal funding pay for such a big and long-running budget item?  I guess I'll have to read to find out.  Or maybe you can tell me what they say. 

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  • Good article on the rational for extended instructional time! Elementary school teachers have been asking this for the longest time in the neediest schools. Teachers need better working conditions and should not feel they need to short change students on instruction because the day is way too short. More instructional time has been stolen by useless assessments! Schools as professional organizations need options similar to high performing school districts where teachers have real time to collaborate, plan, peer observe, evaluate performance and student work in a rational way. The present system in CPS is medieval in nature. We don't need more Huberman useless mandates that make the working conditions even worse. Why Duncan and Huberman want to make it up as they go is beyond me. We deserve a first rate school system. Read the essential technical report on what authentic high performing schools are doing. It is not the practices of Ren 2010 !!! http://www.srnleads.org/press/prs/nsdc_profdev.html

  • As Mr. Estevan has stated very well on another post, we need to get more savvy on the economic situation of Chicago Public Schools. It is one thing to rightly complain about the injustice performed by Huberman and his PM group but the next step is getting a better understanding of the budget and funding aspects CPS. BTW Where is the absent Marilyn Stewart in all this? No where!

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