Who Should Be Next Board President? Who Cares?


Education advocates say they're hoping a new Board of Education president will shift the focus from business to teaching (Mayor's office still mum on Michael Scott replacement
Chicago Current). But that seems unlikely to happen.  And it's not even clear if it would make a difference, given the rubber-stamp nature of the Board's appointees. 

Precious few instances (I can only think of one, actually) exist where Board members have, publicly or privately, voted against or otherwise changed what Vallas, Duncan, and now Huberman have wanted to do. 

What does it matter who the next Board chair is?  Do they really make a difference, other than stylistically?  If not, bring back Rufus Williams.  He still seems to want the job (and I don't recall that he did anything particularly horrible to lose it).


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  • The Board is in Daley's pocket as you rightly say. Daley is about only one thing, the Ren 2010 plan and extending it. The Mayor said it! This is Chicago, the home of the Machine. If you have lived in Chicago long enough everyone understands that. Look at the gutless alderman. This is Daley's city, the Machine's city until the citizens differ with that scenario. We have a fourth rate mayor, CPS CEO and Board running the show. When you compare our school district with what real high performing school districts do in terms of supporting real learning (not just test prep) in the schools and giving support to building strong professional communities in schools, we come up very short! The truth hurts!

  • Sad to see that Rufus wants to again be Daley's boy. That said, Rufus will not be invited back because he argued too much with parents and the community at Board meetings--almost egging them on--he did not have the Michael Scott finese.

  • It's time for a WOMAN btw. I think a woman would be less likely to be bought off, but then look at Claire.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    As the moderator posted, it is going to be a Daley stooge. Carole Brown is available to be shifted into that position, except she probably has to work at her new real job. Valerie Jarrett and Desiree Rogers are otherwise occupied at the moment, except that if there are more gate crashers, the latter may be looking "to pursue other opportunities," as they say in corporate speak.

    Heck, they may as well co-opt one of the females feuding over the union presidency.

  • What Chicago REALLY needs is an ELECTED Board of Education, with a REAL SUPERINTENDENT & everything! Just like they do in places that REALLY value education instead of property values.

  • I'm just sayin'...

  • In reply to Watchman:

    They made such a big deal about giving Daley the mess in 1995. I suppose in the last 15 years he has cured all the problems. Sure. Anyway, it probably would turn out the same as judge and MWRD elections.

  • In reply to Watchman:

    I find it obvious that what is being promoted is as racially segregated a city as Daley can get away with and continue to say, with a straight face, that it just ain't so. It seems that all the special ed students and students of a darker hue are being "turned around" or turned out (expelled)to the further (west & south) sides of the city. What up wit dat?

  • In reply to Watchman:

    What is interesting is watching the African American alderman NOT do a darn thing to improve schools in their community. The inequity on placing the right resources to support those schools and communities is scandalous. Ren 2010 is not the answer and made things worse. When you have incompetent top leadership with no experience and no true vision, it brings the whole ship down. The inequity is scandalous. Where is the prophetic witness by the alderman?

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