What's Hot In Old Town?

Some of the folks at DePaul are starting up a new blog about schools in the
Old Town area and asked me what was going on there.  Hell if I know. 
Compared to the rest of the city things are so quiet there I hardly
even pay attention.  Right? 

ScreenHunter_26 Jan. 27 10.39.gif

That being said, I know that the school has a slew of popular magnets
and that the parents and neighborhood families who want to get their
kids into those schools are freaking out right now about the
newly-changed magnet application process.  Is it going to affect the
schools very much, or change kids' odds of getting in?  Last I looked,
the neighborhood kids and siblings were the big winners so maybe Old
Town parents are sitting pretty. 

As for specific schools appearing on this blog site, I I don't think anyone's talked about Newberry
ever, or LaSalle (except to talk about the takeover of Andersen (Make Way For Yuppies?).  Manierre's come up once in a Tribune headline (Boy's finger lost on CPS fence, mother claims in suit).  Ogden's only come up once that I can find (Cow Stolen From Ogden Elementary).  Ditto for Skinner (Thursday Morning News, Part 1).  We had a slew of Oscar Mayer posts for a while there but nothing much recently (Which To Choose: Drummond Or Oscar Mayer?, More On Oscar Mayer From An LPHS Freshman,Montessori- And Magnet-At Oscar Mayer, Lottery Letters Delayed For 59 Families,) I'm not even sure half these schools qualify as Old Town.  Maybe the search function is messed up but I can only find a single entry about Franklin (Franklin Vs. Burley).


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  • You have to pay for another school district-tuition- annually and most districts do not want your money--they want you to live there.
    get your condo OUT of Chicago--find the school district you want now. Housing proces are good out of chicago.

  • A lot of Old Town/Old Town Triangle parents (including myself) are happy to send our kids to Lincoln Elementary. Great neighborhood school. No stress of lotteries. It's just not that convenient for those of us who live in the South end of the district. And it has only half-day kindergarten (as well as being overcrowded).

    I'm actually more stressed that LaSalle would become our neighborhood school as we have a younger child set to start in a few years and if we do end up at Lincoln with our older child, I wouldn't want all of my younger child's neighborhood friends going to LaSalle. And, yes, there is a lot of chatter around here about the new magnet selection process. A lot of parents are adopting an "it's a shoe-in" attitude about LaSalle. In a way, they could be right. I've never seen more local (as in the few blocks around the school) kids get in before. However, this has been happening for at least a couple of years. Kids high in the waiting list "magically" getting into LaSalle ... and just coincidentally living a block away. It is changing the neighborhood dynamics.

    I actually had a conversation with a LaSalle mom last weekend who asked where my child was going to school in the fall. I said, "Most likely Lincoln." (There is that convenience factor that, as a working mom, could tip the scales if we get into LaSalle.) She asked, "Why in the world wouldn't you go to LaSalle? I said, "In case you forgot, it's a lottery." : )

    FYI: I don't know if Oscar Mayer qualifies as Old Town. It's close to DePaul, however, so that may be their interest in the school. Lincoln doesn't qualify as Old Town, but technically, it's the neighborhood school for all of the Old Town Triangle ... in which LaSalle sits.

  • thanks for the helpful comments -- here's a little bit more chatter about old town school options from another site called city data, responding to my generic question


    interesting comments about salazar

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