What Should Happen To NTA?

Current NTA families don't want South Loop to join them in the
building, according to this Chicago Journal article by Micah
Maidenbuerg (here).  They don't like the resolution crafted by the South Loop
LSC, or that CPS came to South Loop before coming to them.  What do you think's going to happen?  What do you think should happen?  Can we still blame Pat Bacillieri for this?  Is the NTA building cursed?


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  • Why should CPS go to NTA about this? It is all about South Loop--has been for quite a long time. Eventually, NTA will be ALL for South Loop, that's hiw this works. NTA parents a correct here, but this will never matter to CPS. The clout is in South Loop's court, the South Lopp gentrification is on its way to 2200 south.

  • NTA folk should come to the GEM/CORE Educational Summit at Malcolm X today, Saturday, 1/9/10, 10am-1pm to celebrate their victory. Student Union cafeteria, 2nd floor.
    Standing up for school autonomy! Way to go NTA.

  • When Mr. Bacareli was the Principal, (whatever happened to him) the LSC worked so hard to keep the Icke's kids out and changed the neighborhood border so it took in kids living in million dollar town houses on South Michigan, Indiana
    Prairie streets. This locked any kids out South of Cermak. NTA school quickly became the new school for Icke's families.
    It is to bad that these decisions are so toxic. I have a gut feeling that South Loop will eventually take over the NTA building. It is a beautiful new school with a swimming pool. IT would be just what south Loop wants for a high school.
    I am confused know with the Jones Are they still going to have a set aside for South Loop Children or will the new South Loop HS be good enough now. Clout Rules Man!

  • Celebrate what--GEM/CORE? That the community of NTA speaks up? Please. Where were they years ago when there was all that chaos that took place at NTA for years?! Who stopped Bacilleri from kicking out the poor minority children at South Loop, and then went bragging about the high scores--SL got a gifted program and then CPS promoted him! (BTW, he is a new leader--so there is your clout.) And South Loop is taking over Fermi, didnchaknw.
    Plus, (Edison is the bet example here), CPS will do whatever it wants with whatever has the most clout.
    Stop celebrating something that parents will never win. You constantly give false hope and future bitterness.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Teachers do have a responsibility to vote out Marilyn Stewart, who goes along with the Daley Plantation politics. We need a union that is really about quality and equity in public education, not the Daley train wreck he is doing on public education.

  • Make NTA a high school for the South Loop and Chinatown students who don't get into Whitney Young! Especially since Jones CP's building and leadership is up for grabs. This is a great idea.
    Th Chicago Journl needs to get on top of this!

  • Is it true that WYHS pays its students to apply for college?
    A student from WYHS stated to a group that students at WYHS are PAID to apply to college.

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