Well-Off Families Double-Dip New Magnet System

The Sun Times details the well-known problems associated with Chicago's new census tract priority system for magnet schools.

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New fast track to CPS top-flight schools? Sun Times

What gets left out of this kind of analysis, however, is that better-off kids are already advantaged by their likelihood to score higher on tests.

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  • Alexander is completely correct, the problem is "well known" to readers of this blog. I posted blogs on district 299 explaining how absurd it was for the tract my own home was in to be included with other areas close by in uptown one day after CPS released its tract map. The Sun Times did a good job documenting this problem, it would have also been appropriate for the Sun Times to give district 299.com some credit for having had a discussion on the issues probed by the article several months before it came out.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    thanks, rod -- i've all but given up on getting credit from the papers for anything that i wrote or others contribute on this blog. it's a blind spot for them, it seems, and they're so stressed out they can't imagine how sharing credit would actually strengthen their position in the journalism sphere.

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    some folks think that tier 3 families are the worst off, in terms of having the most competition.


    but then again, they're tier three families.

    i guess it's all about your perspective


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  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Alexander--the Tier 3 point is to et these parents to gather, AFTER they have not been selected and take over their neighborhood schools, (a la Nettlehorst.) I love the smell of gentrification in the morning.

  • Retired Principal said: Why was Phillips High School turnaround and 16 high schools had lower scores? Because the neighborhood around Phillips is being gentrified! It's all about money and a ___ thing ain't funny!

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