School Modernization Mismatch


Former Catalyst editor Maureen Kelleher has this post about the chronic mismatch between community needs and CPS spending on new and refurbished schools, calling out on Jimm Dispensa to make things right.

"While urgent repairs are key in
an underfunded system with decades of deferred maintenance, and turning
around a school ought to include needed repairs, only one of these
schools (Ebinger) is on the heavily overcrowded Northwest Side. And
none of the early spending addresses the long-neglected problem of
overcrowded schools on the Southwest Side...Jimmy Dispensa (head of demographics
for CPS), can you put a bug in Ron's ear on this?"

I'm not sure that it's all up to Dispensa but would love to have some greater coherence between the spending and the need.  What's it gonna take to get the two matched up? 


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  • What, for a change, you are telling us that it isn't people associated with schools on the south and west sides who are complaining?

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