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Hundreds Meet to Oppose Anticipated School Closings
Public Schools is expected to announce a new round of school closings
this month. Around 400 teachers and parents met over the weekend to
organize and find strategies to fight the anticipated closings.

CORE members and supporters set course; plot opposition to turnarounds Catalyst

300 opponents of Renaissance 2010 crowded into a second-floor room at
Malcolm X College last weekend to build momentum for the fight against
an expected wave of school turnarounds and closings to be announced
this month.

Malcolm X story Substance

privatization! Stop Renaissance 2010! Support and defend Public
Education! These fighting words rang loud and clear at CORE's second
annual Education Summit at Malcolm X College Saturday, January 9 took
place in which about 400 teachers, community leaders, students and
others interested in defending public education attended.


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  • Any rumors on which schools might be closing?

  • Retired Principal said: CPS was suppose to release this information last Friday!

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