Removing A Principal Vs. Closing A School


What's better to do when things haven't gotten better at a school and time is passing by: Changing a principal but leaving the staff intact or closing and turning around a whole school? 

I'm hearing but haven't confirmed that, under pressure from the CAO, the principal at Price was removed and that the replacement (the AP) is now leaving as well.  CAOs have also apparently been involved in getting principals at Nightingale and Marquette removed.  Let us know if you know the details. 

Meantime, Retired Principal tells us that there are 34 high schools on the list of possible turnarounds and 47 elementary schools, to be announced this month.  CPS won't confirm any of this but maybe someone else can.  


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  • The CAO of 11 is not all there! Talk is that the AP at Nightengale is a spy for her. Price has been a mess for a few years now.

  • Thank you Alexander for mentioning this. What is going on 'behind' the scenes needs to be told.

  • I heard the principal from Morrill is out by March after 35 years.

  • Healy's principal is leaving too.

  • It's get out while you can. CPS is crazy to work for.

  • Does Dewey have a principal? Prescott's Roche got a warning resolution. January 7 - big announcement on more closings.

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    what can you tell me about that warning resolution? what does it mean?

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    Did the Jan. 7 school closing announcement happen? Other than Catalyst list mentioned above, anything official yet from district?

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    I would love to hear from some of these teachers who schools are in jeopardy. What going on? How is it effecting everyone at your school. Is it true that the CAO from 11 (who is from Texas)took some principal down to Texas to show them how it is done. She even took principals who will be gone before the year is up???

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    Did the Area 11 CAO spend the Texas trip money legally? What a waste of $$ Ron, for her to take retiring principals! Wasn't Texas public schools charged with and found guilty of cheating on student testing? Where is the preformance management here Ron?

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    Yes, the CAO did take these principals with her to Texas

  • Retired Principal said: All principals are under attack now, that's why they are keeping their mouths shut! Mayor Daley vowed Tuesday that Renaissance 2010 won't end in 2010. Daley said "We'll always continue," "I hope there is chapter two of Renaissance 2010, a chapter three, a chapter four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten." Daley announced in June 2004 that he wanted to create 100 new schools, in part by him closing at least 70 schools. So far, Renaissance 2010 has given birth to 94 new schools, most in poor black and brown communities. Seven more are expected for the 2010-2011 school year! P.S.- Remember when George Schmidt talked about Renaissance 2015 and the closing of 150 to 200 schools!

  • catalyst has a list of schools it thinks might be eligible for closing based on the new criteria and the new REA performance reports --

    lots of principals don't know how they scored on the new reports, and didn't know they were eligible for closure.

    no word yet on whether the catalyst list is the same as the CPS one.

    how many and which schools do you think with get turned around or shuttered at the end of this year?

  • What is Past is Prologue - visions of New Orleans are dancing in daleys head.

    All New Orleans Public School Teachers Fired

  • Retired Principal said: According to Catalyst, here are the non-charter high schools that are eligible to be "turnarounded" or "turned upside down" in the 2010-2011 school year! Alexander, remember Huberman said he would not close any high schools in the 2010-2011 school year, just turn them around! Robeson, Clemente, Roosevelt, CVCA (CVS), Hope, Richards, Washington, Gage Park, Phillips, School of Entreprenurship (South Shore Campus), Crane, Schurz, Senn, Tilden, Hyde Park, Harlan, School of Leadership (South Shore Campus), School of Technology (South Shore Campus), Dyett, Foreman, Hirsch, Dunbar, New Millennium (Bowen Campus), Chicago Discovery (Bowen Campus), Farragut and Sullivan. P.S.- Teachers, if CPS doesn't like your principal or your principal doesn't have a "guardian angel" and you are at one of these schools, please update your resume now! Remember, it's not what you know, but who you know!

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    I thought that Marshall H.S. was going to be on that list. Anyone else heard that?

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    CPS breaks the law again. Public Act 096-0803 Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon becoming law. Effective Date: 10/30/2009

    It seems like CPS has not followed the law in holding meetings according to this new law, so if it announces any closings or whatever they call it it would be a violation of the law.

    Public Act 096-0803

    (5) School openings, school closings, school consolidations, school turnarounds, school phase-outs, school construction, school repairs, school modernizations, school boundary changes, and other related school facility decisions often have a profound impact on education in a community. In order to minimize the negative impact of school facility decisions on the community, these decisions should be implemented according to a clear system-wide criteria and with the significant involvement of local school councils, parents, educators, and the community in decision-making.

    (6) The General Assembly has previously stated that it intended to make the individual school in the City of Chicago the essential unit for educational governance and improvement and to place the primary responsibility for school governance and improvement in the hands of parents,teachers, and community residents at each school. A school facility policy must be consistent with these principles.

    Public Act 096-0803

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    Why isn't Prescott Elementary on that list? They are under enrolled and have been on probation for years? The principal was issued a warning resolution but what does that mean? Who does that guy know? He's gotta be protected somehow. This is the second school he's trying (and succeeding) to destroy. What gives?

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