New School Extravaganza This Weekend

New is better, apparently, or at least if you're a new schools person it is.  And thanks to an old classmate who's working in CPS I can tell you about this new schools extravaganza going on this Saturday, the third annual event of its kind. Even though the magnet and selective enrollment dates are gone, there are still lots of charter and new schools looking for kids to enroll.  Click below for details, and let us know if you feel like it whether you're going to go or have ever gone to one of these things. 

Presented by: Parents for School Choice & the Chicago Public Schools


A showcase of Chicago's newest public schools, including charter schools and Renaissance 2010 schools.

New elementary and high school campuses created through Renaissance 2010 or pre-existing charter schools will be in attendance. Click here for a complete list of participating schools. 


Saturday, January 30, 2010
9:30am - 2:00pm


Soldier Field (Indoors)
1410 South Museum Campus Drive
United Club Level One (indoors)

Click here for map.


What to Do:

  • Meet new school leaders
  • Apply to new public elementary and high schools
  • Talk to other parents who are exploring the new schools
  • Attend workshops such as: What Makes a Quality School, From a Parent's Perspective, and more!


Participating Schools:

For a full listing of schools participating in this year's EXPO, please click here. Schools are listed in alphabetical order.


What to Bring with You:

you plan to apply to schools directly on-site at the EXPO, you are
strongly encouraged to bring photo copies of the following
identification items with you:

  • Student birth certification or legal guardianship papers
  • Student social security card
  • Parent/Guardian license or ID card (not valid for proof of residency)
  • Parent/Guardian
    proof of Chicago residency (i.e. utility, mortgage, medical card, bank
    statement, check card, voter registration card. No rental leases or
    cell phone bills accepted)

participating schools require this information when applying to prove
that you and your child reside in Chicago. Without these items you may
not be able to fully complete an application at the event.

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  • One wonders why ONS needs to hold an exclusive event where many of the children and parents' choices are not allowed to have tables at. Or why they need to spend half the event slandering neighborhood schools, students and teachers if their schools are so good. Or why they need to spend so much on glossy flyers with cherry-picked data about their cherry-picked kids if their schools are so good.

    I wish every parent and student all the success in the world at finding the best school in the world for their education. I only hope that it is a school that teaches empathy and compassion rather than bigotry and self-exceptionalization.

  • The $$ spent on this extravaganza is sinful. New Schools has now taken a life of its own,--the unqualified high pay people who work there have to have a REASON for their job or they will find themselves teaching in the very charters they preach about--and that is scarry to them! To keep their jobs is now the #1 priority! (BTW-Teachers have to pay for parking when they go to CPS job fair at SField.)

  • District 299 Reader:

    I am unclear if you are trying to imply with your comment that people will have to pay for parking at the EXPO. Just in case anyone else is confused: The EXPO is entirely free to attend. Parking is free at the event and there will be a free trolley running between the Roosevelt "L" stop and Soldier Field.

  • Rachel--you are a plant and you show how you do NOT get it!
    Go to the new schools fair so you can enroll in the 5 charters now on corrective action because of poor performance.
    Who pays for th parking rachel? taxpayers! So there is a charge for it all after all dear rachel.

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