Lozier Joins New National Consulting Firm


News came out last week about a new education consulting firm being formed, called Bellwether, including Chicago-based Monisha Lozier. 

Lozier is known mostly as a headhunter, having done education-related searches for top spots at the Ounce of Prevention and for NOLA charter schools, the Joyce Foundation and the Gates-funded Alliance, and a host of others. 

Headhunting (aka executive recruitment) is big business and can provide nice profits. 

Read below for the press release.

Any other new job announcements out there, or new openings?  Let us know.

Statement: NewSchools co-founder Kim Smith to lead Bellwether Education Partners

January 20, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - NewSchools Venture Fund CEO Ted Mitchell today congratulated co-founder Kim Smith on her forthcoming role as CEO of
Bellwether Education Partners, a new nonprofit consulting organization
designed to strengthen the leadership and organizational capacity of
entrepreneurial education organizations by offering specialized
executive search, strategic consulting, leadership development, and
thought leadership services. Like NewSchools, the idea for Bellwether
grew out of Kim's astute understanding of education entrepreneurship
and her desire to take action in response to identified needs. For the
last several years, Kim has been incubating Bellwether within
NewSchools, and so it is fitting that Kim will lead that organization
beginning in spring 2010. She will continue to make an impact on
NewSchools as a board member and trusted advisor.

It has been more than a decade since Kim teamed up with two visionary venture capitalists, John Doerr and Brook Byers, to create NewSchools Venture Fund in 1998, building on her entrepreneurial experience with Teach For America
and other ventures. Together, they sought to create a new entity that
would itself accelerate the pace of educational innovation by
supporting entrepreneurs, building great organizations, improving life
chances for kids, and informing the direction of education policy and
practice. In that time, the organization has raised more than $150
million and supported dozens of education entrepreneurs in their
efforts to create effective new nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
In the years since, NewSchools has helped to build a movement that has
changed the way education reform is practiced and the way schooling is
delivered to hundreds of thousands of previously underserved children
across the country.

"The entrepreneurial education movement is at a moment of
unprecedented opportunity, in which initial successes are going to
greater scale, striving for sustainability, and translating into
significant policy changes that promise to have a cascading impact on
the lives of millions of students," said Ted Mitchell.
"At an inflection point like this one, leadership matters more than
ever. This is just the right move at just the right time, and allows
Kim to bring her unmatched leadership abilities to bear on building an
organization that responds to the needs and potential of the
entrepreneurial education movement."

In addition to Kim's arrival as CEO,
Bellwether is also building a strong team of talented leaders who bring
to the organization deep experience in and commitment to strengthening
the capacity of the entrepreneurial education field. Founding team
members include Andrew Rotherham, Mary Wells and Monisha Lozier.
Rotherham is the co-founder of influential independent think tank
Education Sector, as well as one of the most respected national writers
and thought leaders on education reform, as author of the popular blog Eduwonk.com who also writes regularly for U.S. News & World Report
and other publications. Rotherham will lead Bellwether's thought
leadership practice. Wells is a dynamic, seasoned consultant who has
worked at Bain & Company and helped to create the Texas High School
Project; she will lead the firm's strategic consulting practice. Lozier
is a former Korn/Ferry search executive with a strong record of
recruiting and placing education leaders into key positions; she will
lead the firm's executive search practice.

NewSchools looks forward to working closely together with Bellwether
Education Partners and with Kim to continue improving public education
for students in underserved communities across America.


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  • Like more BS. I can see school districts try to legitimize their "selection" of a candidate by saying they were gotten through a "top shelf" educational consultant company. Sounds like another group of neo-cons, who like U of Chicago folks, take poverty money and are all show. I would like this new company a general question, "Would they even recruit Huberman to even be interviewed for the CEO position of Chicago Public Schools without any experience in running a school district and being less than stellar in terms of being detailed oriented in his previous jobs for Dalay? I still a fifth grader could answer that question!

  • "...astute understanding of education entrepreneurship..." Any of these people have any actual experience in actual schools?

  • These Neo-cons are making a cottage industry on the backs of our children and with our tax payer money. That is what Ren 2010 is about and now "Race to the Top Grant". Call it what it is, a Cancer!

  • And Obama supports this! Shame.

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