Flowers Faces Prison Time

Cook County Official Arrested, Charged With Theft WBEZ


A top local education official is spending the night in jail.

Schools Supt. Flowers charged with theft Southtown Star

a news conference this afternoon, Cook County State's Attorney Anita
Alvarez said Flowers is charged with felony theft and official
misconduct. She said he faces a prison term of four to seven years if


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  • Normally when an official hires friends and relatives it's considered a perk of the job. Flower's behavior must've been pretty egregious to get charges filed against him.

    I do know that an awful lot of folks in 209 were relieved when he got elected to the regional board so they could get rid of him. There were some allegations of shady behavior there too, along the lines of hiring friends and family and spending excessive moneys on laptops and such for them and the board.

  • He should do time and should pay for his play--off of the plates of children.

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