Easily-Viewable School Closings Plan Presentation

Thanks to Catalyst for being first to post the Board's 54-page school closings presentation, including destination schools for the kids currently attending schools slated for closure or consolidation (turnaround school kids stay put).  Here's an online version for those of you who don't like downloading and viewing PDFs -- I'm particularly interested in whether you think the destination (receiving) schools are better and accessible.  What do you think?:

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  • So if CPS will bus students who are more than 1.5 miles, ONLY in the transition year (Ron's ppt.),what happens AFTER the first transition year? Does the student have to get to the 'new' school on their own?

  • Individualized student transition plans:completed by the district? Right! Just another burden on the receiving school! The CAO or an Admin at Central Office Must be COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE creation of EACH INDIVIDUALIZED student TRANSITION Plan. Bet they don't do this, Bet they don't help at the 'new' school level. Bet they NEVER set foot and spend a full day in the receiving school.

  • Will charters now be part of the same Ron ppt criterion?

  • Very few of these poor students will get into a Magnet School! Monitor this and make sure they do not only take the students with higher stanines--watch--the 'magnet student tranfer' will be a lie. Magnet schools do NOT want these kids OR their parents or guardians. Magnets have skilled ways of keeping these students OUT. Even IF they get in--and they wont, Magnets will NOt keep them in the school. There will be transfers out!

  • The most unbelievable (OK believable) thing to come from the press conference? Marshall's girls hoops coach automatically keeps her job, says RH. This puts many things in perspective. RH says she is "part of the fabric" of Marshall. If Coach Gaters had any sense of the idea of 'TEAM' she would say thanks but no thanks and reapply (or not)like everyone else. Does RH mean that there are NO OTHER educators at Marshall who are "part of the fabric"? There are so many comments that could be made about this regarding racism and cowardice.

  • A better performing school was promised not a magnet school, they are not subject to homeless student policy now and probably will not be a transfer option.

  • here's the sun times story that describes what 5plus5 is referring to -- as well as a last minute reprieve for ruggles, which apparently got off the turnaround list only on monday night.


    any other shady or questionable aspects that you're finding as the details come out? are you getting any information about the closing process directly from your administrators or supervisors or membership organizations?

  • to 604 --there was mention of access to magnets in there somewhere, if not in the powerpoint then in the remarks reported in one of the papers.

  • you can hear directly from teachers and students from las casas and phillips about what they feel in this vocalo.org segment i just came across:


  • 2nd Circuit denied the city

  • 604--you are wrong--read the ppt ALL the way through. magnets are promised, but this will never happen and even if it does, the parents and their children will be chased out sooner than later. There will be NO one to monitor this--it happens now--low scoring students (if magnets get any are counciled out) and if students have to go to summer school/bridge, they are transferred out to their neighborhood school NEVER toi come back to the magnet school. Do your homework before you respond please.

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    Slide 20/54 talks about consolidating Marconi students into a neighborhood magnet program at Tilton. Enrollment into magnet schools is not part of the students right in the power point. It was as Alexander said mentioned, it was never promised to anyone beyond the students at Marconi and even that was limited to Tilton.

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    good catch, 803 -- i wonder if anyone's told the folks at tilton, whether the tilton program is any good, and how many spaces there will be for marconi kids?

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    At an AUSL meeting: their guy in charge of AUSL (was not a principal for very long) walked around like a peacock, introed himself and letting all know he da man, stated:"Remember one important thing (about AUSL), you do NOT even pick up a pencil unless you do it the AUSL way." yeah--I want to teach there.

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    Gator stays because: not only because B-Ball rules at CPS. Now Ron can say that there is an AA woman over 40 that CPS did not fire! Lawsuit y'all.

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