Continued Protests Over Altgeld Gardens / Fenger

Parents, students ask city to reopen Altgeld library branch Sun Times
Wednesday, their angry chants echoed through empty halls: "We don't
have a library. We don't have a school. So Mayor Daley, what do you
want us to do?'

South Siders plead for working library and neighborhood school at city hall.
Students from Fenger High School told the mayor's spokesman they don't want to attend Fenger High School because it's not safe. PLUS: Students: Fenger unsafe.

Fenger High School students protest at mayor's office
Wellington, a senior at Fenger High School, wants to go to Southern
Illinois University next year, but she doesn't have access to a
computer to fill out the online application.
"It's too late to apply to most schools. If I can't do it in time,...


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  • I don't know the story behind it, but I love seeing that girl (is she a high school student?) with the hand-held video camera on the left side of this photo. Document it!

  • So, did CPS administration throw out all of the computers that were in Fenger High School when they cleaned house of the old staff? There were two full computer labs, computers in the Fenger library, computers in the counseling office, computers in classrooms, and laptops all over the place. Every IDS teacher has one. Neighborhood library aside, why can't this girl find a computer anywhere in Fenger High School to fill out her college admission application ? Doesn't sound like she's really looking for one.

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