Back To School Share-Off


It's cold...and we're back to school.  Teachers and students groan.  Parents rejoice.  Commuters grumble.  Time to share:

What did you do with your holiday vacation (if anything)? 

What's new or different at school since the break? 

Any school-related new year's resolutions, broken or unbroken?  

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  • Marlyn Stewart sent a fax to all principals telling them that no one can host at their schools, ANYone who is running for CTU office. There must be an official slate first and that group will have to wait until March before they can go to schools and speak with the CTU membership. Can someone email this doc to AR?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Apparently, Marilyn sent the blast-fax in response to calls BY principals to her at the Union office asking for her guidance on the matter. Pffft!

    She closes by saying "[The Rules] are designed to provide all legitimate candidates with an equal opportunity to share their messages with our members."

    Of course, that "equal opportunity" is zero. You cannot be an official candidate until Marilyn gives you permission.

    The tyrant has got to go.


  • That is a violation of your union rights. can someone send it to me too, for my IELRB complaint i am going to give my affidavit at the end of the month for coercion by the board and union to influence a union election.

    Marilyn is working with board administrators to manipulate internal union politics and communications. if you all let this go then you deserve everything that is going to be coming to you in the next few years. I am on the record already filing a complaint so now all we have to do is hand in all the evidence of what the board is doing with the union to control a representative union election.

    just send the fax no questions asked. plus anyone that has been talked to, emailed or anything else regarding participating or distributing union information to union members should contact me. we are not talking about grievances here but state and federal labor law as it relates to union organizing and elections.

    These people are straight out criminals especially if stewart used union resources in coordination with board supplied contact lists(principals) that is collusion with mangement which is illegal.

    john kugler

  • just got on the principal list--any principal openings?
    heard about nightengale, marquette?, healy, others?

  • Dear 299

    Just wait I bet there will be a lot of openings.

  • where when why? price and medill and headges and? what happened at dewey after reported on 299? where else bob?

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